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Bizfluence review

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Bizfluence is an alternative to LinkedIn founded by Joel Wolh and Jacob Davis. Linkedin was becoming more like Facebook and Instagram and less of what it was intended for, business networking. He also felt that small business professionals were being marginalized and sidelined not getting recognition or opportunity. Joel and his business partner Jacob wanted to build a solution, that’s more professional focused and with further functionality than Linkedin. An ecosystem for small business, where there can network and transact, hire, and sell and much more.

Although there is no censorship on this app, it strongly encourages users to only post-professional posts. They discourage any random posts.

Bizfluence requires a user to have a real profile picture, not a logo, to show users that they are interacting with real humans. The admins and moderators are always encouraging users by giving them advice and suggesting other users that they might gain from.

Bizfluence has two places to post: in networks or the main feed. If a user posts in the main feed a user uses interests an example of this is the use of hashtags. A user can also post on different networks. A network is just like a group. They have a network for almost any topic that you can think of.

At the moment Bizfluence does not have a specific verification method, they are awarding it to vetted professionals and people that are extremely dedicated to the platform, though the process will be streamlined in the future.

When the question “what is your favorite aspect of Bizfluence?” was asked, the users responded that they like the fact that all the users are dedicated to helping each other out.

Bizfluence is working on many things including business pages. They are in the very beginning stages of the platform.

In my experience, I have had a technical glitch on my account on both the app and my desktop, the support team was extremely helpful and got to work on it right away.

My review of this alternative website is Bizfluence is an amazing platform that actively listens to its users’ feedback and acts upon it. The users on the platform are all about connecting and helping one another. The platform is therefore highly suggested by Team World Supporter. You can join the platform by clicking this link:

I can be reached via email at for any questions or information. Team World Supporter is available to review your platform that you may have or that you heard of, email me.

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Yossi Schmidt

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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