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COPPA Statement

In this statement, we are calling out YouTube for “trying to comply with COPPA.”

Either YouTube doesn’t know how to read simple laws, or they are

trying to destroy themselves, because clearly, they are taking this law to the next level!

All COPPA is here for, is to not allow any online sites to collect data from children under the age of 13. What YouTube is doing is blaming COPPA for destroying their platform.

How does taking away the notification bell collect data from kids?????? YouTube gets to decide what appeals to kids and based on that, they take away the things that don’t collect data from kids (just what brings the most money to the creators). Just like Susan Wojcicki said on 60 minutes, "they get to pick and choose who to keep on the platform."

We, at Team World Supporter, call on Susan and YouTube to admit that what they are doing is just a ploy to get people they don’t like off


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