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Daily Update 9/10/20

We still have yet to hear back from the PureSocial network, this is day three of waiting, we will wait a week before moving on to SayScape.

As for StoryFire, we still haven't heard from them. The reason why we are giving them more time is that we are trying to follow up on the review that we did.

Today Twitter announced that they will flag or remove election result claims. (Via This makes it clear that they are trying to interfere with the 2020 election, which has to be stopped. People must go to alternative social media! We have a whole section of reviews to help people make an educated decision on which platform to go to.

As for YouTube and their Community Caption situation we didn't have a chance to look into it yet.

I have come across a bill that Dr. Paul Gosar is trying to pass in congress, it would help if we can get the bill the exposure that it needs. The link is here:

I can be reached at for any questions, comments, or information.

Yossi S.

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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