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Daily Update 9/14/20

PureSocial network has reached out and set up a scheduled time for the review to begin. The way that the review will take place is by asking them a few questions, then by looking at the platform, and asking their users what they think of the network, and last but not least, we will be posting on other platforms about PureSocial.

After we finish the review of PureSocial we will take a short break due to the high holy days. The daily tweet will still be sent out during the intermissions of the holidays, as we will also still be very active on all social media platforms. We will be back full force when the holidays are over.

StoryFire has still not answered us yet, however we are still pushing to get them to answer us.

We will not endorse any platform until we've seen them all, so we can make a clear, and thought out decision.

Team World Supporter is actively looking for ways to improve what we do, if you have any ideas you can shoot us an email at

Yossi S.

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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