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Daily Update 9/8/20

We are starting something new here at Team World Supporter. We are going to be updating you daily with what is going on here at TWS headquarters.

We are getting ready to review the new network of platforms that are under the PureSocial network; they have a video platform, as well as a social platform.

TWS is also bringing back the news aggregating part of what we do. We will post on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and CloutHub.

We are continuing to try to reach out to StoryFire, so we can ask them a couple more questions regarding what they allowed to be posted over there. That way we know how to recommend their platform.

We also have a form for people to fill out if they are shadow banned/suspended from any social media platform. You can find it here

We have also made a video exposing Jack Dorsey's double standard, which you can watch here

We will always be here for the people, we can be reached at for any questions, reviews or anything you may need.

Yossi S.

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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