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Daily Update 9/9/20

We are still trying to reach StoryFire regarding the review, we will continue to keep you updated on that.

Regarding the PureSocial network review, we have tried to contact them to ask them if they are ready for the review and they have yet to respond to us. We will give them a couple days to respond, and then just move on to the next review.

YouTube is now trying to get rid of Community Captions. We are unsure why, but this is more censorship from Big Tech. We will do more research into this.

Team World Supporter is actively looking for ways to improve what we do. If you have any ideas for us, let us know.

We will always be here for the people, we can be reached at for any questions, reviews or anything you may need.

Yossi S.

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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