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Parler VS Clouthub review

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

In light of Twitter declaring war on free speech and going on a censorship spree, the demand and need for a real free speech social media platform has been felt by many. TWS is here to fight for and protect the constitution —beginning with free speech, the first amendment. As a result, we at TWS noticed that there are alternate possibilities to an actual free speech platforms, many bringing the features of platforms run by tech tyrants while still securing your rights. TWS has decided to review two of the apps from the array that we found superior and are willing to review any other apps that you the reader may have.

Parler a new app developed in 2018 by young programmer has features remarkably similar to Twitter. A user can have up to one thousand characters in a “parley” unlike twitter 280. A user can upload media to a parley similar to twitter. There are three ways to interact with a parley, you can vote, which is like liking a tweet , you can echo, which is like retweeting a tweet, and comment.

Clouthub is an app that is vastly more than Twitter. Clouthub has groups similar to Facebook, and has video and livestreaming capabilities, a news aggregator, and three different rooms to post in. There are three ways you can interact with a post; comment, liking and sharing. You can have up to 300 characters in a post, you can earn to be able to post 1000 characters by referring friends, and you have the option to edit a post once posted.

People have been complaining online about censorship on both Parler, and on Clouthub. People say that they have been banned from Parler for making fun of politicians, and other things. On the other hand, people say that they were just stopped from posting things on Clouthub. CloutHub uses Artificial Intelligence to keep interaction positive. CloutHub says they allow people to discuss issues but publishes a list of words that include racial slurs and sexual terms they don’t allow. If the members use these words they are stopped from posting unless they change the text. CloutHub also uses AI to prevent images and videos that contain porn.

The people at Clouthub were available for assistance anytime we reached out. People compliment them on their fast service/ However, the people at Parler, didn't get back to us.

While conducting the review, a Twitter account @aghamilton29 tweeted about a concerning clause in Parler’s TOS, saying that Parler demands that their clients defend them at their own expense. We researched that clause and discovered that it means that Parler does not want people to include them in their legal disputes and does not want to be held accountable, which is standard TOS for any company. Neither company has anything concerning in their TOS or privacy policy.

Clouthub has many free speech warriors on their company’s advisory board and is continuously working on updating their app, with a civic hub and a private hub on its way.

Parler is now assembling a crew of users to be moderators after they read the TOS, They quiz them on it first to make sure that they fully understand it. As far as who is on their advisory board, we do not know as they never responded to us.

Parler will not let people do certain things if they are not verified as a real user, whereas Clouthub will. To verify themselves as a real user, people are required to provide the app with a picture of an ID and a selfie for both apps, a lot of people view this as an invasion of privacy, which in turn is a massive deterrent. But having spoken to the CEO of Clouthub, we can verify that they dispose of those pictures as soon as they are done with the photo and similarly the CEO of Parler also claims Parler disposes of all personal info.

Now to our review:

Get rid of all of Big Tech and download both, use Clouthub for all your news aggregating needs, your political video needs, and your Facebook group needs. For your larger posts and other things, download Parler. For your entertainment video needs, download StoryFire. I can be reached at for any questions or information.

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Yossi S.

President, Founder

Team World Supporter

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3 commentaires

Yossi S
Yossi S
15 sept. 2020

Very true the review is just there for people to make their own decisions


I see no reason why one can not use both. We always should ask many questions. We should not blindly accept anything we read.


shmuly berkovic
shmuly berkovic
01 juil. 2020

Great review again by TWS! Extremely clear and well written. Highly recommend. Everyone to read and share it educate the world about TWS

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