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Politi Chatter review

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

With all the censorship that is going on, there are more than couple a alternative platforms. Among the other platforms is PolitiChatter.

PolitiChatter is a platform that is extremely similar to Facebook. They have all the features of Facebook, minus the censorship.

In regard to an app, they had their app banned from both, the Google Play store, and the Apple App store. In order to bypass that issue, they have taught their users how to create a shortcut on mobile devices.

The posts are not shown by any algorithm, they shown in order of time that they were posted. If you want to boost your posts, there is an option to do so. If you do decide to get a paid subscription to PolitiChatter, you unlock the ability to be able to apply to get verified. There is no requirement to provide an ID. To verify real celebrities, they require the celebrities to tweet out from their verified twitter accounts.

We have not come across any complaints of censorship other than from other platforms.

They were available for us anytime that we reached out for anything during our review.


It could be a real deterrent that if you would like more people to see your posts, you have to pay to boost your posts so that people see your posts, it is not a requirement to subscribe. The site is a bit difficult to use on mobile devices, and they only have a shortcut to their site. (reminder: it is not their fault) It is a bit of a red flag as to why they were thrown off the app stores. On the plus side, the app store and Google Play cannot collect your data because of them. It is not like you will only have their app downloaded.

Our recommendation is: If you want a good quality Free Speech alternative to Facebook, and you have some money to spare, so you can get the best that this platform has to offer, go for it!

I can be reached at for any questions or information. We are available to review any platform that you, the reader, might have or know of.

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