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Six Years of Team World Supporter: A Chronicle of Advocacy, Insight, and Growth

As we mark the sixth anniversary of Team World Supporter (TWS), we embark on a reflective journey, celebrating milestones achieved and envisioning the path ahead. In this op-ed, we'll explore TWS's accomplishments over the past year, spotlighting our initiatives and articulating our vision for the coming year.

Over the last year, our commitment to delivering impactful content has materialized in the refined #TWSNewsRoundup. Understanding the contemporary need for a consolidated news source, the #TWSNewsRoundup has evolved into an aggregator of news, offering a comprehensive overview of the day's top stories by curating articles that resonate with our audience.

It is crucial to clarify that #TWSNewsRoundup does not report news but rather aggregates it, providing a nuanced perspective on the most significant stories of the day.

The evolution of our podcast stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. What began as a solo venture has transformed into an interview-exclusive platform, fostering accountability and providing a platform for individuals to share their unique stories, building deeper connections and understanding.

A significant highlight of this year was our series of interviews with thought leaders and changemakers. From Matt Palumbo, author of "Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers," to Josh Namm, co-founder of; Jennifer Van Laar, managing editor of RedState; Jeff Dornik, the CEO of Pickax; Kyle Seraphin, an FBI whistleblower; Mike Davis from the A3 Project; Steve Baker, a journalist currently under scrutiny from the Biden DOJ for exposing their narrative; and Nate Cain, discussing his congressional run in WV, our conversations aimed to uncover diverse perspectives and shed light on pressing issues.

At the heart of TWS lies our Reviews section, where our journey began advocating for the First Amendment. Our daily tracker recorded accounts unfairly banned from Twitter for an impressive 1001 days until the @WorldSupporter account faced unjust expulsion. This followed our in-depth comparison of two major startups, Parler and Clouthub, underscoring our dedication to transparency and accountability.

Our reviews expanded to include a diverse array of alternative social media platforms, culminating in a dedicated section on our website. This year, we revisited Rumble, continuing our mission to assess and understand the landscape of alternative platforms. Looking ahead to our seventh year, our commitment remains unwavering. We're poised to broaden our reviews, exploring diverse platforms and products, while sustaining impactful interviews.

In the goals for the future, one day, we at Team World Supporter aim to transition into independent journalists, breaking stories as they happen, and holding everyone responsible accountable. We envision a future where TWS becomes a trusted source for groundbreaking news, playing an integral role in shaping public discourse.

We express our firm commitment to continuing the #TWSNewsRoundup and actively seeking ways to enhance its quality. As we move forward, transparency will continue to be the guiding principle in all our endeavors.

We extend an invitation to our readers to share their insights and interests, including potential Team World Supporter merchandise. In commemorating six years of advocacy, insight, and growth, we express gratitude to our readers for joining us on this transformative journey.


Yossi Schmidt

Founder and CEO

Team World Supporter

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