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Statement on President Trump and his social media taskforce

Updated: May 26, 2020

 Last week President Donald Trump announced that he's thinking about making a task force to tackle social media censorship.

  Here are my observations: Team World Supporter started to work on this issue over two years ago. It wasn't till a year later that all the big people got involved in this issue, as the big republicans got their social media accounts terminated. President Trump was notified of the situation and made a social media censorship summit. I'm sorry to say that nothing came out of the summit. The president keeps saying that he's monitoring the situation, and has yet to take action. 

 So, in summary, the president saying that he's going to create a task force means nothing to me unfortunately. 

 Mr. President, please stop saying that you're going to do something about this issue, and actually do something! The issue is just getting worse and worse! The people who are behind the censorship at Big Tech need to be stopped at all costs! We the people voted for you to take care of this issue among other issues! This issue is not considered one "of the small issues", it's a real issue!


      Yossi S., President of Team World Supporter

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