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Team World Supporter official fundraising statement

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We at Team World Supporter are launching a new campaign. We are trying to raise money so we can promote the tweet announcing the form for people to fill out their social-media suspension/shadow-banning experience.

We are trying to fight for the first amendment, in order to do that we need to get more people to fill out the form so we can force the media to pay attention to this issue.

Yes, we are going to be leaving Twitter, but first, we need to reach those that are crying out for help. Please let them have someone fight for their first amendment rights too!

Once we have enough people fill out the form, we will move forward by contacting the media and showing them the real stats of people losing their freedom of speech.

Once the media is forced to broadcast this, BigTech will be forced to cave into upholding the constitution.


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