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Team World Supporter update on our fight to protect the First Amendment

A bit over two years ago, we at Team World Supporter began a quest to protect free speech on social media. It began with a daily counter of suspected shadow banning or account suspension, that is still ongoing today. The next step was to expose the occurrences with a video, and the double standard when it comes to conservatives on social media. The video garnered over 1,500

views. Though that wasn't enough for us at Team World Supporter, we created a form for people to document their shadow banning or suspension from any social media platform. We have reached a large number of individuals whom registered their social media injustice, we are working with your help every day to expand the documentation of a realistically even larger number. We have enough documentation and evidence to get the media's attention. Now it's time for the media to step in and show that they are really here for the will, honor, and rights of the people. We are reachable at Thanks, Yossi S.

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