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The importance of a social media platform reviewer

There is a massive problem with the world — censorship.

There is a solution called alternative social media platforms, which is great, but

who is going to hold them accountable? There are a couple of platforms, how do

we know which one is good.

You might say there are informative news articles about these platforms, but the

fact is they are either hit pieces or an article submitted by the platform


A hit piece is obvious, but an article submitted by the platform itself can look

like a news article or a review. This is very deceiving, as people want to know

what they are getting into with the platform they are about to sign up to.

Does the platform truly keep real freedom of speech? Freedom of speech includes

so-called "hate speech" and more. Which alternative social media

platform keeps to that standard. Which platform should people use?

Do the platforms keep to their TOS? Do they have special preferences? Who funds

them? They rarely answer these types of questions. When leaving them unanswered

they leave the users baffled, and their enemies grab the opportunity to twist

things against the platform.

I have been doing reviews of alternative social media platforms. As an unbiased

reviewer, I ask all the hard-hitting questions.

I encourage users to email me the issues they might have with a platform and the

TOS and forward those complaints to the platform as well. If the platform, then

responds to the issues, they further prove its transparency. If the platform

ignores me, that will be included in the review. — No, I do not collect

people's data. I stand for privacy as much as everyone else that fights for the

constitution and the people.

As much as people want to attack me and claim that I want to collect people's

data, it either means they want nothing to do with me, or they want to stay as

far away as possible from a review. This will not stop me in my quest to hold

social media platforms accountable through non-bias detailed reviews. I will

always do just that, whether the platform wants to answer the questions or not.

People need to be able to make educated decisions about where to go. Reviews these

days are just not giving people proper information about the platform, leaving

them confused. This of course is not conducive to having any platform grow.

I saw that people were confused as to which platform best fits their needs. The

reviews are not there to say that one platform is better than the next, they

are just there to help educate the users. I took that opportunity to help

people educate themselves and started to review these alternative platforms.

People deserve answers and I aim to provide them.

I can be reached at for any questions or information.

Yossi Schmidt,

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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