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The inconvenient truth about Gab

There is an alternative social media platform, that has been around since 2016. Gab has been leading the way to a parallel economy ever since.

Gab has been under fire and labeled as "anti-Semitic", as they allow posts bashing Jews and Israel.

The truth of the matter is that the first amendment protects such speech the first amendment includes all hate speech. A person is allowed to hate someone. Encouraging violence is another story. But the posts on Gab do not encourage any sort of violence.

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, states publicly all the time that he does not condone violence of any sort. Gab has worked with law enforcement to not allow any illegal speech on their platform. Any posts that threatened violence in 2020 were reported to the proper authorities. They also have a zero-tolerance policy for porn. For free speech Gab is your platform, keeping in mind that I have yet to go through their TOS.

So, what's the problem with Gab? Why won't I do a review of Gab or support them in any way?

The answer is very simple: When they make the whole platform about their Religion, it can be a massive turnoff. They make their policies all about religion.

They will only talk to reporters of their faith. They will pretend not to acknowledge anyone who isn't in the same faith, but then mock them on the Telegram channel.

The CEO also needs to learn how to separate himself from the company. When he blasts Jews from the company's telegram channel people look at the company as being antisemitic.

If Mr. Torba wants to spread any message about anything, it should come from his account. He can say what he wants about Jews from his account, and probably attract more people to his message. When the company is all about faith, it is a massive turnoff.

It's inconvenient to admit how good Gab is when it comes to protecting Freedom of Speech. They are building a whole parallel economy that doesn't rely on Big Tech at all. They have GabPay, GabTV, and much more. But the masses are too busy labeling them as anti-Semitic.

If we all focused on building the parallel economy, we can make Big Tech Platforms the next MySpace.

When Gab refuses to respond to anyone outside of their faith it can have an adverse effect, as well as when people label Gab as anti-Semitic. The solution is that people have to start admitting that Gab is pretty amazing when it comes to the company as a whole, the CEO can be a bit off-putting but that shouldn't make people write off the platform.

I'm more than happy to work with and support Gab when they stop making the policies of the platform (not TOS) all about the faith.

Andrew should learn to separate himself from his platform. I have had to learn to separate myself from TWS, so I know it's hard, but it can be done.

Once that is done, if people still label Gab as "antisemitic" or "white supremacists" then they have a problem with their heads. I am more than happy to work with Andrew Torba on a Gab review after he separates himself from Gab.

Let us all fight for freedom of speech online, and work together to build a proper parallel economy. United we stand, divided we fall!

Yossi Schmidt,

CEO, Founder

Team World Supporter

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