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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

GETTR is a platform that is dedicated to protecting Freedom of Speech online. It was launched in July of 2021 and has grown massively internationally just since its launch! The name is Get Together truncated.

The CEO, Jason Miller, is a former spokesman for the former president, so he has a real understanding of the censorship issue.

The basics:

Since their launch, they've been under attack from both people on the right and on the left.

We at Team World Supporter are here to give you a basic review.

The goal of GETTR is to put an end to cancel culture and the CCP. One of the many attacks is that they hired a Never-Trump person who the right claims is pushing for censorship. After a thorough investigation by Team World Supporter, we discovered that this employee has had a complete change of mind and is dedicated to protecting Freedom of Speech online.

One of the many attacks is that GETTR is funded by China, Jason Miller has said many times that Miles Guo is only one of the many investors in the platform. After paying attention to Miles Guo's accounts Team World Supporter has discovered that Miles is not a member of the CCP. He is dedicated to taking down the CCP, and we did discover that Miles plays the role of an investor and nothing more in the GETTR platform,

GETTR allows you to post up to 777 characters in a post, three-minute-long videos and pictures with an in-app photo editor.

GETTR "will have many exciting new features to unveil later in 2022, including Vision, our short video format which will compete with TikTok and Instagram reels. We know our users are eager to see a direct messaging option and we will have more to announce soon!"

We have heard complaints of suspending accounts for people just being who they are, GETTR refuted those claims saying that they only ban people for violating their TOS and "GETTR will not tolerate threats or intimidation; bullying, harassing, or stalking; homophobic, racial, or sexual slurs; encouragement of criminal or illegal behavior; encouraging self-harm; sharing of another person’s private information; doxing; sexually explicit content; spamming; content depicting excessive violence."

Another complaint we were hit with is the "explosive report" by Talk Liberation on substack, GETTR's response "his report gets a lot of things wrong, and a more responsible fact-check on the front-end would have helped the author avoid any unnecessary confusion. Unlike the Big Tech social media platforms, GETTR does not sell user data, and we are committed to protecting users from Big Tech’s overreach and political discrimination. On GETTR, everyone is treated the same regardless of ideology. We’re a safe space for free speech, independent thought and very importantly, user data. That's the difference between us and our Silicon Valley competitors."

When asked what they're doing to avoid being taken down by Big Tech this was their response "GETTR is committed to protecting free speech, which is what sets us apart from other platforms. No one will have their opinions censored or discriminated against because of their political beliefs. We also want to be a place where people feel comfortable visiting, which means we won't tolerate threats of violence, harassment, doxing, racial or religious epithets, or other harmful behaviors. Where Parler ran into trouble is with an overreliance on community policing, which simply can’t scale to match user demand. To avoid this, we’re taking an innovative approach incorporating both A.I. technology and human moderators to find that ‘sweet spot’ of protecting your free speech rights while also preventing harmful behavior in the GETTR environment."

GETTR is planning on releasing a cross posting feature, which enables a user to post on GETTR and it will automatically post on Twitter, which is why they include a user's twitter followers in the total follower count.

On the verification front, GETTR tells Team World Supporter that they will be releasing the process how to get verified shortly,

Now to my Review:

GETTR is very interested in being as transparent as possible, they are always there to help the users anyway possible. They have a lot of growing to do and they admit it and are releasing as many features as possible as fast as they can. Keeping in mind that the platform is not even a year old, looking at how much they accomplished since they started the platform my mind is blown. With all this in mind I can confidently give them an 8.5/10! Join here:

For any questions or information, I can be reached at If you, the reader, have a platform that you would like us to review, we would love to do so. Make sure to check out The Yossi Schmidt Show at: or watch it on Rumble or YouTube Yossi Schmidt CEO, Founder Team World Supporter

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