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TWS' Minds Review

Minds is an alternative social media platform that incorporates crypto into the platform. Minds was founded in 2011 by Bill Ottman and Jack Ottman to protect their user's privacy, and freedom of speech. They are an open-source network that prioritizes the users.

The platform incorporates their own Cryptocurrency called the "Minds Token". If a user uses and interacts on the platform, they can earn some Tokens.

Minds allows a user to post videos and regular posts and is very simple to use. The issue however which can be deterring is that Direct Messaging is an entirely different window, and tab. Minds says that the plan is to tie the features together more in the future.

There is an option to use Minds+, which is a new model for creators and brands to gain exposure and monetize their content. Our monthly revenue is shared directly with the creators who contribute the most popular and engaging exclusive content to Minds+. If you pay for your membership in tokens, you are only eligible to be paid out in tokens. If you pay in cash, you are eligible to be paid out in cash, Bitcoin, Ether or tokens. You can also request verification and hide boosted posts and more just for $6 a month billed annually. Unless you notify Minds before the beginning of the applicable subscription period that you want to cancel, your subscription or service will automatically renew. People tend to overlook this fact.

This is a great decentralized social media platform, like no other that is simply amazing! There are a couple of deterrents that are minor to some, but others are greatly disturbing. That being said, I greatly appreciated the goal that Minds set out to accomplish which is to Elevate global discourse through Internet freedom.

They really work to be transparent as possible which I say is key to any social media alternative. All this being considered I can safely give an 8.7/10. Go give them a glance and enjoy being able to speak your mind.

For any questions or information, I can be reached at If you, the reader, have a platform that you would like us to review, we would love to do so.

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