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TWS News Roundup 7/2/24

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  1. Rep. Jared Golden becomes second Democratic Congress member declares no confidence in Joe Biden (

  2. Affirmative Action Suit Details How Law School Blackballed Accomplished White Men, Opted For Unqualified Black Women (

  3. DNC drops Georgia ad calling Trump 'ultimate threat’ to democracy -- but leaves out Biden (

  4. Biden administration provides $504 million to support 12 technology hubs nationwide (

  5. Supreme Court turns away OSHA challenge (

  6. U.S. to announce $2.3 billion in military assistance for Ukraine - CBS News'

  7. Supreme Court won’t review Illinois ban on certain semiautomatic guns (

  8. Hunter Biden has joined White House meetings as he stays close to the president post-debate (

  9. Rudy Giuliani disbarred over 'false and misleading' statements on 2020 election - ABC News (

  10. Orban Makes First Trip to Ukraine of War, Promoting Peace Talks (

  11. Millions unaware of deadly heart attacks and strokes linked to stealthy cholesterol: What can you do for prevention (

  12. Joe Biden Mocked for Orange Appearance in Primetime Address (

  13. Supreme Court to hear case involving FDA denial of flavored vape products (

  14. Saudi spy's 9/11 video sparks outrage from victims' families as they demand Biden bring justice | Daily Mail Online

  15. FDA approves new Alzheimer's treatment, donanemab from Eli Lilly - CBS News

  16. Parole commission denies Leonard Peltier's request (

  17. Hurricane Beryl severely damages or destroys 90% of homes on Union Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, prime minister says - CBS News

  18. NATO to establish post in Kyiv and Germany to ‘Trump-proof’ Ukraine | Human Events |

  19. CNN Freelancer in Gaza Worked for Hamas, Snapped Selfie With Leader, Report Shows (

  20. Biden administration proposes rule to protect workers from extreme heat - CBS News

  21. At least 60 are dead and scores are injured after a stampede at a religious event in northern India (

  22. FDA warns against Diamond Shruumz mushroom-infused sweets (

  23. FBI views conservatives as ‘unworthy’ of employment: whistleblower (

  24. Salman Rushdie stabbing suspect rejects plea deal ahead of state trial - ABC News (

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