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TWS News Roundup 1/12/23

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  1. AG Garland Appoints Special Prosecutor To Probe Biden's Classified Docs Mishandling | ZeroHedge

  2. New Border Patrol policy 'restricts pursuits' of suspects | Just The News

  3. Iowa House GOP introduces bill requiring teachers to tell parents about LGBT students | Washington Examiner

  4. JPMorgan Closes Website They Bought For $175 Million After Claiming Founder Faked Over 90% Of Accounts | The Daily Wire

  5. FBI Raids Brooklyn Office Suspected of Being a CCP Outpost | Human Events |

  6. ‘Did You Ever Raise That Issue?’: McCarthy Roasts Media Over Lack Of Interest In Security Concerns Surrounding Democrat | The Daily Wire

  7. Biden admin claims FAA system failure shows 'no evidence of a cyber attack' | The Post Millennial |

  8. ‘I No Longer Felt That I Was The Type Of Agent The FBI Valued’: Former FBI Agent Reveals Why She Walked Away From Agency | The Daily Wire

  9. Report: Biden Team 'Ran Out of Time' To Discuss Immigration With Mexican Officials (

  10. Jewish Students Reported a Professor for Anti-Semitism. Their University Retaliated Against Them. (

  11. Nebraska Gov. Pillen appoints former Gov. Pete Ricketts to Senate seat vacated by Republican Ben Sasse | Fox News

  12. Divisive influencer Tate loses appeal against asset seizures | The Hill

  13. House conservatives rip resolution calling for bust to honor Zelensky in Capitol | The Hill

  14. Trump to hold 'intimate' '24 campaign event in SC this month (

  15. South African regulator approves 18.65% power price hike for Eskom | Reuters

  16. US Navy veteran Taylor Dudley released from Russian custody - ABC News (

  17. GOP Chair Stefanik pushes bill to rein in Biden policies fueling inflation ‘fire’ | Fox News

  18. Bankman-Fried claims FTX US 'fully solvent,' denies stealing customer funds | Washington Examiner

  19. Guns, attachments affected by proposed Ill. assault weapon ban |

  20. DeSantis Admin Slams 'Lack of Transparency' On Moderna Booster Data Being Withheld: Report - Florida’s Voice (

  21. Biden Turns To Canada To Help Solve Border Crisis | The Daily Caller

  22. India, U.S. establish new trade group to bolster supply chains | Reuters

  23. Natalie Winters: Arizona Was The "Main State" Where CCP-Connected Carter Center Monitored Midterm Election - Group Has Monitored Over 100 Elections in 39 Countries Including BRAZIL (VIDEO) (

  24. "Third Straight Month Of Good News On Inflation": Wall Street Reacts To The CPI Report | ZeroHedge

  25. REPORT: CIA Infiltrated Watergate Break-in as Nixon Threatened to Leak CIA Involvement in JFK Murder (

  26. More Americans identify as Republicans than Democrats | Washington Examiner

  27. McCarthy stands by Santos amid growing calls for New York Republican to step down | Washington Examiner

  28. Democrat suggests classified docs in Biden's home, office may have been 'planted' after second batch found | Fox News

  29. Ways and Means: Rep. Claudia Tenney lands powerful House committee post (

  30. Focus Moves to Office Joe Biden Shared With Chinese as Search for Classified Docs Intensifies (

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