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TWS News Roundup 1/18/23

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  1. Derek Chauvin, Ex-Minneapolis Cop Convicted Of Murdering George Floyd, Files Appeal | The Daily Wire

  2. White House calls New Mexico shootings targeting Democratic officials ‘shocking and horrifying’ | The Hill

  3. Lawsuits challenge recent Illinois semiautomatic gun ban | AP News

  4. Microsoft to shed 10,000 jobs, adding to glut of tech layoffs | Reuters

  5. BofA Freezes Hiring On Downturn Risk; Credit Suisse To Pay Bonuses Upfront To Prevent Exodus | ZeroHedge

  6. Matt Gaetz Proposes Bill to 'Abolish the ATF' - Florida’s Voice (

  7. New Hampshire Dems warn Biden’s push to hold first primary in South Carolina could backfire | Fox News

  8. George Santos deemed 'flight risk' by NY Dem Joshua Lafazan (

  9. Donald Trump prepares for his return to Facebook and Twitter (

  10. Biden admin urges return to mask mandates on planes, trains, buses | The Post Millennial |

  11. ‘Are You Sorry?’: Reporters Bombard Karine Jean-Pierre Over False Statement On Classified Docs | The Daily Wire

  12. EXCLUSIVE: Sen. J.D. Vance, Rep. Andy Biggs Press DHS Sec. Mayorkas Over Mass Parole For Illegal Migrants | The Daily Caller

  13. Oversight Committee Calls On University Of Pennsylvania To Provide Information On Anonymous Chinese Donations | The Daily Wire

  14. More McCarthy holdouts added to House Oversight, Judiciary committees | Fox News

  15. Top Ukrainian Official Among At Least 14 Dead After Helicopter Crashes Into Kindergarten | The Daily Wire

  16. Energy watchdog expects record high oil demand due to China’s COVID reopening | The Hill

  17. UN Secretary General tells WEF that world leaders need to ignore citizens' present wants to shape public opinion in the future | The Post Millennial |

  18. India considers banning news identified as 'fake' by govt on social media | Reuters

  19. US Wholesale Inflation Slows Further to 6.2% |

  20. Sorry, Elon!: Wyoming Legislators Draft Resolution to Ban Electric Vehicles by 2035 (

  21. 'You have failed': Texas lawmakers call on Biden's DHS secretary to abandon 'misguided liberal policies' | Fox News

  22. Project Veritas exposes education specialist BRAGGING about violating Georgia ban on CRT | The Post Millennial |

  23. Since Biden Inauguration, Anonymous Chinese Donors Poured Millions Into University That Houses His Think Tank (

  24. Pentagon Forced To Tap Unreported Ammo Stockpile In Israel To Support Ukraine | ZeroHedge

  25. REPORT: DOJ Decided Against Having FBI Agents Monitor Biden’s Lawyers As They Rifled Through Classified Docs | The Daily Caller

  26. Local New Jersey Race Flips After Voting Machine Irregularities Detected | The Daily Wire

  27. Pfizer, Fauci staffers sign off on research finding mRNA COVID vaccines produce worse antibodies | Just The News

  28. Credit Suisse sees money returning to the bank, CEO says | Reuters

  29. Bryan Kohberger sent DNA for genetic testing to explore ancestry: neighbor (

  30. US Producer Prices Plunge Most Since COVID Lockdowns | ZeroHedge

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