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TWS News Roundup 1/19/23

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  1. Actor Ben Savage indicates run for Adam Schiff's U.S. House seat | Just The News

  2. Southwest Pilots Announce They May Go On Strike One Month After Airline’s Nationwide Meltdown | The Daily Wire

  3. McConnell confident U.S. will not default on debt as nation reaches debt ceiling | Just The News

  4. Reed Hastings steps down as Netflix CEO amid subscriber gains (

  5. House Oversight Committee border investigation – One America News Network (

  6. Karine Jean-Pierre Gives Non-Answers On Massive Tech Layoffs | The Daily Wire

  7. Top Obama Fundraiser Confesses To Misusing $600,000 in Federal Grants Meant for Poor Youth (

  8. Yellen kickstarts Biden administration visits to Africa | The Hill

  9. Dobbs leaker still unknown after Supreme Court investigation | The Post Millennial |

  10. Union membership fell to record low in 2022, Bureau of Labor Statistics says (

  11. Biden Admin Warns Default Looms As the United States Hits Its Debt Limit (

  12. Steube ‘making progress’ after spending night in ICU from a ladder fall | The Hill

  13. FTX chief John Ray: Bankrupt crypto exchange could restart (

  14. US government scooped up information on money transfers without a warrant (

  15. Pompeo: Trump said to 'shut the hell up' about China COVID secrecy to please Xi (

  16. Donald Trump says Joe Biden is getting 'white glove treatment' from an establishment special counsel | Daily Mail Online

  17. 'Landmark' school choice legislation filed in Florida House - Florida’s Voice (

  18. ABC News' Cecilia Vega will join CBS' '60 Minutes' (

  19. DAVOS 2023-UAE and India discussing settling non-oil trade in rupees | Reuters

  20. Biden classified document investigation: Secret Service ready to provide Delaware visitors, source says | Fox News

  21. Moderna CEO, vaccine group chief, criticize online misinformation at WEF in Davos (

  22. Utah doctor allegedly destroyed vaccines, gave fake shots (

  23. Poll: Biden's Approval Rating Craters Amid Classified Docs Scandal (

  24. Diet Google: DuckDuckGo Dinged by Privacy Ratings Service for Lack of Transparency (

  25. Google loses bid to block Indian Android antitrust ruling in major setback | Reuters

  26. Supreme Court again declines to pause New York gun regs | The Hill

  27. As mail ballots, machines mar voting in some states, others seek to tighten election security | Just The News

  28. UK lenders expect further widening of mortgage spreads: BoE | Reuters

  29. AmazonSmile set to close, Amazon announces (

  30. WATCH: Freeland asks to spend $2 billion on a company that doesn't exist - Rebel News

  31. Moderna And Regulatory Agencies Caught Leaving Out Bivalent Vaccine Data, Physicians Skeptical Of Timing | ZeroHedge

  32. Florida congressman Steube injured after falling off ladder - ABC News

  33. Florida College presidents declare they will not use funds to compel CRT beliefs - Florida’s Voice (

  34. Zelensky vows Ukraine will take back Crimea from Russia | The Hill

  35. Davos 2023-Be careful on 'friend-shoring', WTO's Ngozi warns | Reuters

  36. The 'Covid Queen' of New Zealand's Reign is Coming to an End - Becker News

  37. The federal government is investigating the possible human trafficking of children who cleaned slaughterhouses (

  38. UK's king asks windfarm deal profits be directed to public - ABC News (

  39. France Grinds To Halt Over Nationwide Pension Strikes | ZeroHedge

  40. U.S. will not send long-range missiles called ATACMs to Ukraine at this time, Pentagon official says (

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