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TWS News Roundup 10/23/23

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  1. Hamas terrorists were high on 'poor man's cocaine': report (

  2. Israel Says It Found Hamas Plans To Build Chemical Weapons (

  3. 2 more Israeli hostages held by Hamas released to Red Cross | Human Events |

  4. Millions in Stolen Ancient Ukrainian Gold Jewelry Seized by Spanish Police (

  5. New York Times says it relied too heavily on Hamas' reports (

  6. Oil prices ease amid diplomatic push on Israel, Gaza conflict | The Hill

  7. Sen. Bob Menendez pleads not guilty to conspiring to act as a foreign agent (

  8. Murder charge downgraded for CVS worker in NYC stabbing (

  9. Democrat-Appointed Colorado Judge Greenlights Effort to Kick Trump Off 2024 Ballot (

  10. Netanyahu’s office stresses unity with military, dismisses ‘false reports’ | The Hill

  11. Biden, Trump tied at 37 percent each: poll | The Hill

  12. Coca-Cola quietly removed references to Hamas-supporting BLM from website (

  13. The full Ryanair a video game! How a group of teenagers' digital tribute to the budget airline - complete with cramped seats, extra charges and arguments at the check-in desk - has hit a million virtual flights | Daily Mail Online

  14. White House announces 31 tech hubs to focus on AI, clean energy and more (

  15. Japan probes Google over alleged antitrust violations as global scrutiny mounts (

  16. Chicago Police: Armed Man in Hospital After Walgreens Employee Opens Fire (

  17. Elon Musk says feds issued subpoenas over Tesla Autopilot probe (

  18. Alaska Airlines flight diverted, off-duty pilot Joseph Emerson arrested for trying to cut engines midflight, officials say - CBS News

  19. Jewish Americans are flocking to learn gun safety and buy firearms (

  20. Erdoğan Submits Swedish NATO Membership Bid to Turkish Parliament (

  21. Nikki Haley ties with Ron DeSantis in poll while Trump unequivocally leads the field | The Post Millennial |

  22. Family of Natalie and Judith Raanan say Shaun King is 'lying' about claims he helped aid hostage release (

  23. Freedom Caucus: House Must Stay in Washington Until Speaker Elected (

  24. Web Summit CEO resigns over Israel comments | The Hill

  25. Parliamentary Committee drops investigation into ‘hero’s welcome’ for SS Waffen member - Rebel News

  26. Jews, Arabs Unite in Israel Against Palestinian Hamas Terror (

  27. UAW strike: Stellantis "outraged" after union targets Ram 1500 truck plant (

  28. Liz Cheney not ruling out White House bid | The Hill

  29. Human Rights Commissioner, Washington State school board candidate advocates for destruction of Israel | The Post Millennial |

  30. Viagra could slash risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 60%: study (

  31. Sydney Mayor Blocks Proposal to Light Town Hall in Israeli Colours (

  32. Chevron is buying Hess for $53 billion amid uncertainty in oil markets (

  33. Illegal immigration hits record high of 3.2 million as large groups travel to US on freight trains | Just The News

  34. Associated Press Won't Let Reporters Call Hamas a Terrorist Organization (

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