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TWS News Roundup 10/26/22

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  1. Elon Musk Enters Twitter Headquarters with a "Sink" Ahead of Expected Deal Closing - Updates Bio to "Chief Twit" (

  2. Darrell Brooks found guilty of intentional homicide | The Post Millennial |

  3. NewsNation fired reporter who questioned network's 'mission' (

  4. Herschel Walker pushes back on new allegation of paying for abortion - ABC News (

  5. Mark Meadows ordered to testify before grand jury in Georgia election probe (

  6. Mayra Flores Prevented From Joining the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (

  7. Interest Groups Make Push To Battle Organized Retail Crime At The Federal Level | The Daily Wire

  8. Shock Poll: Liberal Pollster Has Blake Masters Tied With Mark Kelly in Arizona Senate Race (

  9. Pritzker, Duckworth see leads shrink in Illinois: poll | The Hill

  10. WEF report explores online "interventions" including content removal, warning labels to protect kids (

  11. China influence campaign attempting to 'discourage' Americans from voting: cybersecurity group | Just The News

  12. Massachusetts man pleads guilty to murdering Google employee Vanessa Marcotte - ABC News

  13. Twitter shares cruise towards Musk's offer price as deal deadline looms | Reuters

  14. US has less than 25 days of diesel: report | The Post Millennial |

  15. Arizona GOP chair asks Supreme Court to block phone records from Jan. 6 panel | The Hill

  16. Adidas' split with Kanye West sends searches for 'sell Yeezy' shooting up more than 500 PERCENT | Daily Mail Online

  17. Brazil's Lula widens lead slightly over Bolsonaro in two polls | Reuters

  18. Kia recalling 71,000 older Sportage SUVs for fire risks (

  19. Group says gun ads on Facebook violate the company’s policies | The Hill

  20. 3 men convicted of supporting plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer - ABC News

  21. Texas man charged after 84 migrants found stuffed in dump truck (

  22. U.S. SEC adopts executive compensation clawback rules | Reuters

  23. Americans’ sense of safety, confidence in police decline: Gallup | The Hill

  24. Russian anti-war vigilantes bomb key rail route to Belarus (

  25. Kremlin: Griner Prisoner Swap Must Be Negotiated Behind Closed Doors |

  26. Pro-Chinese disinformation group attempts to undermine US political system, influence voters: report | The Hill

  27. U.S. goods trade deficit widens on weak exports; new home sales tumble | Reuters

  28. Senator Robert Menendez is under investigation again | Semafor

  29. Google, Meta poach Twitter employees put off by Elon Musk (

  30. ‘More severe than anticipated’: Adidas’s split with Kanye West brings hiring freeze | Washington Examiner

  31. Exclusive: U.S. alleges Seagate broke export rules to sell Huawei hard drives, person familiar says | Reuters

  32. Debate network disputes Fetterman camp's claims closed captioning didn't work as planned | Washington Examiner

  33. EXC: Fetterman’s Finance Director Tweeted ‘N*IGGA’ While Attacking Republicans As Anti-Black. – Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic

  34. Big Tech tumbles as results set off alarm bells | Reuters

  35. Chinese Donor, Fundraiser For NYC Mayor Eric Adams Worked Closely With Communist Party Influence Operation | The Daily Caller

  36. Georgia mail truck potentially carrying absentee ballots destroyed by fire (

  37. Georgia mail truck potentially carrying absentee ballots destroyed by fire (

  38. Rishi Sunak reinstates fracking ban in first full day — as it happened | News | The Times

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