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TWS News Roundup 10/6/22

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  1. Federal agents see chargeable tax, gun-purchase case against Hunter Biden (

  2. WATCH: Tom Cotton says 'remember that on Jan. 6, gas was at $2.40 a gallon' | Washington Examiner

  3. Biden fumes at 'MAGA Republicans' as court strikes down DACA | The Post Millennial |

  4. Biden to pardon prior federal simple marijuana possession offenses | Washington Examiner

  5. Biden admin suggested states coerce students into vaccination by 'leveraging athletics and extracurriculars' | The Post Millennial |

  6. Biden approval remains underwater as 69% say US heading in wrong direction: poll | Fox News

  7. Thai nursery massacre cop killed 37 people including 24 children | Daily Mail Online

  8. Multiple people shot at hotel in Dearborn, Michigan | Daily Mail Online

  9. Sens. Cruz, Graham Threaten Mayorkas With Impeachment |

  10. Harris was involved in a motorcade accident this week initially described as a 'mechanical failure' (

  11. Danchenko says FBI will praise Steele dossier source’s work as a paid informant | Washington Examiner

  12. Probe into Nord Stream pipeline leaks has strengthened suspicions of 'sabotage,' Sweden says (

  13. ACLU demands Biden admin force PA school district to 'socially transition' students to opposite gender without parental approval | The Post Millennial |

  14. Report: FBI Undercounts Times Armed Citizens Stopped Active Shootings – One America News Network (

  15. Belarus bans consumer price rises in bid to tame inflation | Reuters

  16. Greece: At least 16 migrants dead in shipwreck | Just The News

  17. Jan. 6 committee announces ninth, and possibly last, hearing will be next week | Washington Examiner

  18. Federal judge puts temporary hold on parts of NY's new concealed carry law, allowing for challenge | Just The News

  19. Freak accidental court posting offers further details about Mar-a-Lago documents | Washington Examiner

  20. CNN anchor on leave after ‘internal investigation’ following fall: report | The Hill

  21. DC Deputy Mayor charged with assault and battery after gym parking lot altercation (

  22. Malliotakis has 6 point edge over Rose in House race: poll (

  23. CEO arrested for stealing US election worker data, storing it in China (

  24. Biden's energy policies costing U.S. economy $100 billion a year: study | Just The News

  25. Jobless claims rise after weeks of declines | Washington Examiner

  26. WPATH Gender Affirming Doctor Expresses Concern for Mental Capacity and Informed Consent of Minors For Transition Surgeries … ‘Reproductive Regret’ … ‘I Don’t Think Any of That Surprises Us’ | Project Veritas

  27. KBJ's case for 'progressive originalism' in Supreme Court debut draws rebuke (

  28. Israel rejects Lebanon's changes to draft maritime deal (

  29. Google Earth Walkthrough Further Exposes FBI's Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Hoax - Revolver News

  30. Biden administration receives new pushback on military vaccine mandates (

  31. Democrat-Led Texas City Steps Up Migrant Busing to New York, Outpacing Republican Effort |

  32. Solomon Islands leader visits Australia as ties sour over China (

  33. GOP narrows Democrats’ lead among Latino voters: Poll | Washington Examiner

  34. DC Council Moves To Let Illegal Immigrants Vote (

  35. North Korea fires more missiles as US carrier is sent to Sea of Japan | The Hill

  36. Illinois police reform act will eliminate cash bail and make our streets less safe | Fox News

  37. GOP senator files bill to restrain IRS ahead of plan to hire 87,000 employees | Just The News

  38. Freedom Caucus prepares for fight over rules changes and House leadership | Washington Examiner

  39. Alec Baldwin Rust settlement has 'no impact' on criminal investigation, prosecutors say | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

  40. Trent University launches ethnically segregated space - The Counter Signal

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