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TWS News Roundup 11/21/22

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  1. New Jersey Assembly Approves Concealed Carry Restriction Bill - The Lakewood Scoop

  2. Top Democratic senator goes on Fox News and admits that 'Donald Trump was right' about TikTok - TheBlaze

  3. British IT Exec Dies Of Fentanyl Poisoning At Disney World: Report | The Daily Caller

  4. Poll Reveals Conservatives Blame GOP 'McLeadership', Not Donald Trump, for Mid Term Disappointment. (

  5. Rail Strike Threat Returns As Union Group Rejects Latest Offer | The Daily Wire

  6. Prosecution rests in Trump Organization’s tax fraud case | The Hill

  7. Saudi Arabia accused of beheading 12 people 'while global attention is focused on World Cup' | Daily Mail Online

  8. Twitter account locked for using title 'Mr' for Rachel Levine | The Post Millennial |

  9. Georgia appeals decision allowing early voting this Saturday in Senate runoff | The Hill

  10. Charges filed against Colorado Springs mass shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich: report | Fox News

  11. Elon Musk says addressing child sex exploitation is priority #1 for Twitter | The Post Millennial |

  12. Two Estonian Citizens Arrested in $575 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme | OPA | Department of Justice

  13. Major News Site Leaves Twitter, Comes Back Immediately (

  14. Macron calls for 'single world order' - The Counter Signal

  15. Biden-allied group vowing to investigate GOP pocketed $1.5M from left-wing dark money giant | Washington Examiner

  16. Secretary of Defense Austin: US Supporting Ukraine 'as Long as It Takes' |

  17. Trudeau to testify on invoked emergency powers against Canada truckers' Freedom Convoy | Just The News

  18. Lawmakers demand action after alleged 2014 Supreme Court leak (

  19. CBS Authenticates Hunter Biden's Laptop and Signals the Wheels on the Bus Are Coming for Joe – RedState

  20. Warnock stresses character in new ad ahead of Georgia Senate runoff | The Hill

  21. Ex-Waze CEO trying to replicate early Twitter with 'Post' (

  22. Texas AG Paxton vows to protect interstate Rio Grande Compact over Biden administration objection | Just The News

  23. Bob Iger to return as head of Disney after year of controversy saw profits take hit | Washington Examiner

  24. Elon Musk Explains Why Alex Jones Will Never Be Allowed Back On Twitter | The Daily Caller

  25. Rapper 'Nuke Bizzle' says 'everybody' was stealing pandemic money ahead of fraud sentencing | Just The News

  26. US seeks expansion of military presence in Philippines | The Hill

  27. Massachusetts Health Department Sued for Secretly Tracking People's Phones During Pandemic (

  28. EXC: Deleted Webpages Reveal Dept. Of Energy Oil And Gas Advisory Board Member Met With Hunter Biden’s Chinese Business Partner To Discuss ‘Green Energy’ And ‘Financial Collaboration’ While Serving In The White House With Top Secret Clearance. – Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic

  29. Arizona AG’s Elections Integrity Unit demands response from Maricopa County over election delays, failures | The Post Millennial |

  30. New Trump special prosecutor overturned by Supreme Court, tied to IRS scandal | Just The News

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