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TWS News Roundup 11/23/23

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  1. First batch of 13 Gaza hostages will be freed tomorrow after Israel and Hamas agree who will be released - with ceasefire beginning from 7am | Daily Mail Online

  2. Delaware prosecutor Lesley Wolf subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee after allegations she blocked Hunter Biden investigation | The Post Millennial |

  3. Virginia Dems propose amending state constitution to guarantee abortion rights - Axios Richmond

  4. Frustrated House lawmakers run for exits (

  5. IDF gives tour of Hamas terror tunnels under Gaza's Al Shifa hospital: report | Human Events |

  6. Sweden Looks to Deport Migrants Failing to Live 'Honourable' Lifestyles (

  7. Protests erupt in Ireland as suspect in Dublin stabbing of 5 reported to be Algerian national | Human Events |

  8. Search is on for pipeline leak after as much as 1.1 million gallons of oil sullies Gulf of Mexico - Breitbart

  9. At least 96 dead after extreme flooding puts Somalia into a state of emergency (

  10. Report: OpenAI Fired CEO After Researchers Warned of AI Breakthrough that Could Threaten Humanity (

  11. Dem-Aligned Dark Money Network Spent Almost $1 Billion On Liberal Causes In 2022 | The Daily Caller

  12. Far-Left Nation Debates Whether U.S. Should Abolish or ‘Decolonize’ Thanksgiving (

  13. New Orleans' Dem Mayor Latoya Cantrell says she's facing federal probe because of her RACE after spending $30k on first class flights then saying economy was unsafe for black people | Daily Mail Online

  14. Sam Bankman-Fried paid for jailhouse haircut using mackerel as currency (

  15. Batting cage accident at Georgia high school leaves a player in a coma (

  16. 'Ball of fire': Witnesses describe moment Bentley going over 100 mph crashed at US/Canada border in New York | The Post Millennial |

  17. Mysterious new respiratory illness outbreak in China catches WHO's attention (

  18. Nine Arrested After 'Stab White People' Attack in Small French Village (

  19. Former Obama official charged with hate crime in New York after allegedly criticizing prophet Mohammed, threatening food cart vendor with deportation | The Post Millennial |

  20. U.S. destroyer shoots down drones fired from Yemen: CENTCOM | Just The News

  21. Crowd boos as Pro-Palestinian protestors attempt to shut down Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC | The Post Millennial |

  22. North Korea warned not to launch spy satellite | The Hill

  23. Eric Adams accused of sexually assaulting city worker in 1993, plaintiff demands $5 million: lawsuit | The Post Millennial |

  24. Several more children sickened by fruit pouches tainted with lead: FDA | The Hill

  25. U.S. talks to India about reported link to assassination plot against Sikh separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun - CBS News

  26. Terrorism not suspected in explosion at U.S-Canada border crossing in Niagara Falls (

  27. Toyota's financial services arm fined $60 million over GAP insurance, other extra loan products (

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