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TWS News Roundup 11/9/23

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  1. MTG brings resolution to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas after 2 of her constituents were killed by human smugglers | The Post Millennial |

  2. Sen. Joe Manchin Not Running For Re-Election – One America News Network (

  3. Michigan judge hears arguments on efforts to keep Trump off the ballot (

  4. Suspicious envelopes sent to election offices in three states, authorities say | The Hill

  5. Potential 'conflicts of interest' at play over new FBI HQ site: FBI director - ABC News (

  6. Jerome Powell says Fed 'will not hesitate' to hike rates again (

  7. Former top Israeli diplomat says photojournalists complicit in the October 7 massacre will be 'eliminated’ - Rebel News

  8. American Airlines dangles $250,000 bonus to lure pilots from FedEx and UPS to fill job shortage that has led to cancelled and delayed flights | Daily Mail Online

  9. Harvard President Admits: 'From the River to the Sea' is Antisemitic (

  10. Trial begins for man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with hammer | The Post Millennial |

  11. UK Minister Accuses Police of 'Playing Favourites' With Protesters (

  12. FBI secretly investigated Biden in 2007 over Delaware golf club membership after rich owner waived his $34,000 joining fee - and he still plays there today | Daily Mail Online

  13. Hunter Biden sues former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne for defamation - CBS News

  14. FBI head cites a ‘potential conflict of interest’ in the selection process for a new headquarters (

  15. Jill Stein Announces 2024 Presidential Bid: Democrats Have 'Betrayed Their Promises' (

  16. ‘Unprecedented’ number of Islamophobia, anti-Arab bias complaints reported in past month: CAIR | The Hill

  17. House Republicans Attempt to Defund VP Kamala Harris's Office (

  18. House shoots down move to reduce WH press secretary’s salary to $1 | The Hill

  19. 7 Metro Nashville police employees placed on leave (

  20. Zuckerberg shut down calls to boost teen safety, court documents claim | Daily Mail Online

  21. NYPD reports 214-percent increase in anti-Jewish hate crimes amid Israel-Hamas war | The Hill

  22. Israel agrees to 4-hour pauses in Gaza each day, White House says - ABC News (

  23. Spain's right-wing party Vox co-founder shot in the face on the way to protest socialist takeover | Human Events |

  24. CNN, AP, Reuters, NY Times published images from 'journalists' embedded with Hamas during Oct 7 massacre | The Post Millennial |

  25. Signal (Finally) Tests Usernames To Replace Phone Numbers (

  26. Nation's first openly gay governor looking to re-enter politics after nearly 20 years (

  27. RNC Chief Hits Back at Ramaswamy Criticism: 'He's at 4 Percent. He Needs a Headline' (

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