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TWS News Roundup 12/13/22

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  1. Sam Bankman-Fried tells court he plans to fight extradition (

  2. Maryland teacher gives tips on how to keep students' gender identity secret from parents | The Post Millennial |

  3. Lauren Boebert calls for focus on policy and not bomb-throwing now GOP is in House majority | Washington Examiner

  4. DeSantis calls for grand jury investigation of COVID vaccines | The Hill

  5. Female Portland cop cleared over killing of armed domestic violence suspect | The Post Millennial |

  6. Lawmakers from both parties launch bill to BAN TikTok from operating in the US | Daily Mail Online

  7. UK government asked Twitter and Facebook to "tweak" algorithms during Covid (

  8. Pentagon’s fixation on gender, ‘safe spaces’ evades congressional probe after Democrats vote it down | Fox News

  9. Sears Hometown files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware | Just The News

  10. GOP rep urges Musk to relocate Twitter HQ to Florida | The Hill

  11. Bari Weiss reveals business plan for buzzy new media startup (

  12. The World Health Organization names Sir Jeremy Farrar as its new chief scientist | Daily Mail Online

  13. Latino conservatives see path to future red wave in midterm autopsy | Washington Examiner

  14. Justice Department Secures Settlement with Trucking Company to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims | OPA | Department of Justice

  15. 'Key participants' of Coutts Blockade could face 30 collective years in prison for alleged involvement - Rebel News

  16. Biden Officials Appeared At Conference Endorsing ‘Natural Origin’ Of COVID | The Daily Caller

  17. Voters, 2-1, say ‘amnesty’ makes illegal immigration ‘worse’ | Washington Examiner

  18. Crypto firm Binance 'paused' withdrawals after $1.9B taken out (

  19. FTX had 'absolutely no internal controls,' lack of record keeping, new CEO tells Congress | Just The News

  20. Uproar Ensues After the WaPo Dusts off Old Trick to Smear Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss – RedState

  21. Vast Majority Of Colleges Have At Least One Policy That Violates Free Speech, Watchdog Finds | The Daily Caller

  22. Cambridge Dictionary Adds Woke Definitions Of ‘Man’ And ‘Woman’ | The Daily Wire

  23. Positive Moderna, Merck cancer vaccine data advances mRNA promise, shares rise | Reuters

  24. Energy Department announces nuclear fusion breakthrough | Just The News

  25. In Alaska, The First Amendment Is On Trial (

  26. Drs Robert Malone and Peter McCullough reinstated to Twitter | The Post Millennial |

  27. United places huge order with Boeing to replace aging planes | AP News

  28. Feinstein ‘absolutely’ intends to finish Senate term | The Hill

  29. Journalist Katie Daviscourt ATTACKED by Antifa outside Drag Queen Story Hour in WA | The Post Millennial |

  30. Twitter Is Auctioning Off Espresso Machines, Lounge Chairs, Other Employee Toys. Here’s What Else Is For Sale. | The Daily Wire

  31. COVID-19 tests recalled over false negatives (

  32. 6 people— including two cops – killed in Australia shooting (

  33. Kosovo, facing some opposition, to apply this week to join EU | Reuters

  34. Lockerbie bomber accused of killing 270 captured in Libya told he will not face death penalty | The Post Millennial |

  35. iPhone Maker Foxconn Dumps $500 Million in India After China Factory Riots (

  36. Panasonic agrees to supply EV batteries to Lucid Group | Reuters

  37. Republican support for 2024 Trump bid falling, poll shows (

  38. Inflation up 7.1% from year ago, Labor Department | Just The News

  39. Iowa six-week abortion ban remains permanently blocked | The Hill

  40. Budget watchdog group warns Congress against new deficit spending this year, launches ad campaign | Just The News

  41. NBC correspondent absent after Paul Pelosi report makes return for weather story | Washington Examiner

  42. U.S. federal court shuts down Biden mandate to force Catholic hospitals to perform transgender surgeries - Rebel News

  43. With 50% Of Energy Facilities Destroyed, Ukraine Urges West For $1BN In Winter Help | ZeroHedge

  44. New Zealand prime minister caught on hot mic insulting 'arrogant' rival | Washington Examiner

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