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TWS News Roundup 12/15/22

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  1. Elon Musk pledges to 'stop violent extremism' on Twitter | The Post Millennial |

  2. Pelosi attack suspect David DePape kept 'hit list' with names of Gavin Newsom, Hunter Biden | Washington Examiner

  3. Trump vows to ban feds from ID-ing domestic 'misinformation' (

  4. Rumble Announces Partnership with Power Slap | Rumble

  5. Trump’s ‘major announcement’ tease is for release of digital card collection | The Hill

  6. Costco To Hike Membership Fees As Soon As January | ZeroHedge

  7. Nigerian inflation rate climbs for 10th straight month in Nov | Reuters

  8. Bank of England hikes interest rates again but softens pace | The Hill

  9. ChatGPT owner OpenAI projects $1 billion in revenue by 2024 | Reuters

  10. Border County Declares Emergency Over Illegal Immigrants Overwhelming Local Health Care System | The Daily Caller

  11. Nonbinary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton helped craft policy to hide student sex changes from parents (

  12. Analysis of RNC Spending Since 2017 Shows Millions Were Spent on Private Jets, Limousines, Luxury Retreats, Broadway Shows – RedState

  13. Sen. Mike Braun launches campaign for Indiana governor | Washington Examiner

  14. Eletrobras, Shell mull co-investment in Brazil offshore wind power | Reuters

  15. Foxconn to ease COVID-19 curbs in Chinese iPhone factory | The Hill

  16. Emails Show CDC Removed Defensive Gun Use Stats After Gun-Control Advocates Pressured Officials in Private Meeting | The Reload

  17. Netflix Shares Slide On Report Of Underwhelming Ad-Supported Guarantees | ZeroHedge

  18. Purdue Northwest chancellor apologizes for ‘offensive’ remark after impersonating speakers of Asian languages | The Hill

  19. COVID origins 'may have been tied' to China's bioweapons program: GOP report | Fox News

  20. Amazon’s plastic waste increased by 18 percent in 2021: report | The Hill

  21. Rep. Nancy Mace Confronts Transgender Activist for Tweet to 'Accost' SCOTUS Justices (

  22. Report: Ukrainian Official Claims Russia Kidnapped 13,000 Kids |

  23. GOP lawmakers say McConnell 'coercing' them to support last minute omnibus package | Just The News

  24. Elon Musk Sells Tesla Shares Worth $3.5 Billion - El American

  25. Jobless claims fall in sign layoffs are rare despite Fed rate hikes | Washington Examiner

  26. Futures Slide As Hawkish Fed Halts Global Risk Rally | ZeroHedge

  27. Heavy Shelling in Russian-Controlled Ukraine As Christmas Truce Ruled Out |

  28. Electric vehicles confront the leap to the mass market | Reuters

  29. Chuck Schumer predicts Democrats will hold the Senate majority again in 2024 (

  30. Libs of TikTok threatened with being sold into human trafficking if account isn't deactivated | The Post Millennial |

  31. Biden keeps calling for an 'assault weapons ban,' but is anyone listening? (

  32. Ernst seeks to slow Pentagon transition to electric vehicles (

  33. Senate unanimously passes bill banning TikTok from government devices (

  34. Decades of NYPD evidence destroyed in Brooklyn fire | The Hill

  35. ‘Drop The Hammer’: Bodycam Footage Reportedly Unveils New Details In Paul Pelosi Attack | The Daily Caller

  36. Eighteen AGs file briefs in case supporting parental rights in schools | Just The News

  37. Cori Bush's campaign tops half million dollars towards private security after calling to defund police | Fox News

  38. TC Energy restarts segment of Keystone pipeline unaffected by oil spill | Reuters

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