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TWS News Roundup 12/20/22

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  1. Congress’ Massive Spending Bill Increases Funding For Groups Housing, Feeding Illegal Immigrants By Over 400% | The Daily Caller

  2. Elon Musk endorses Church-style committee to probe FBI's engagement in social media censorship | Just The News

  3. Rep. Stefanik: House GOP Will Hold Dems Accountable for 'Abuse of Power' |

  4. Gazprom: gas supplied in full, bypassing damaged Russian export pipeline | Reuters

  5. Provinces face 'political stalemate' with feds over cost-sharing arrangement for healthcare - Rebel News

  6. Six ISIS officials captured in commando raids | The Hill

  7. Pennsylvania man sentenced for threatening to kill congressman | Washington Examiner

  8. China's crematoriums overflow with corpses as country scraps zero-Covid | Daily Mail Online

  9. Oregon, Washington state panels approve transition to zero-emission vehicles | The Hill

  10. Canada redefined economic impact as "violence" to justify freezing protesters' bank accounts (

  11. MTG Spars With Boebert After She Refuses To Get Behind McCarthy Speakership Bid - National File

  12. 3M to end 'forever chemicals' output at cost of up to $2.3 bln | Reuters

  13. Twitter Files: FBI paid Twitter millions and influenced execs to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story - Rebel News

  14. Taiwan probes TikTok, suspected of illegal operation - Nikkei Asia

  15. Australia's opposition leader calls for crackdown on encrypted apps - Rebel News

  16. Trump Slams Jan. 6 Panel as 'Kangaroo Court,' Bipartisan Rules Flouted |

  17. Feds lost track of 150k migrants due to Biden’s 'no processing' policy, training video shows | Just The News

  18. Harris blames Republicans for border crisis: 'Unwillingness to engage in any meaningful reform' | Fox News

  19. Elon Musk actively searching for a new Twitter CEO, sources say (

  20. House Jan. 6 panel seeks Ethics Committee sanctions for GOP lawmakers who defied subpoenas | Just The News

  21. Republicans push CDC to reinstate defensive gun use data after gun control activists had it removed from site | Fox News

  22. Amazon to make big business changes in EU settlement | The Hill

  23. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Proves She Is a Swamp Creature, Says She's Unwilling to Publicly Debate Challengers - DC Enquirer

  24. New CRTC Chair appointed by Liberal Minister Pablo Rodriguez - Rebel News

  25. Wells Fargo to pay $3.7B over consumer law violations | The Hill

  26. Citing Medicaid costs, 25 governors ask Biden to end COVID public health emergency | Just The News

  27. Citing Medicaid costs, 25 governors ask Biden to end COVID public health emergency | Just The News

  28. Top Republicans refusing to come to Trump's defense after criminal referrals | Washington Examiner

  29. University of California's striking academic workers begin vote on labor deal | Reuters

  30. White House budget chief calls for Congress to send funding bill to Biden’s desk | The Hill

  31. Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX wined and dined top regulator official at ritzy DC restaurant, emails show | Washington Examiner

  32. Congressional negotiators roll out 4,000-page $1.7 trillion spending bill | Just The News

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