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TWS News Roundup 12/27/22

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  1. Supreme Court keeps Title 42 immigration policy in place for now | Washington Examiner

  2. Elon Musk insists he was joking when he called Putin ally's tweets 'epic' | Daily Mail Online

  3. Texas Governor Rips ‘Hypocrite-In-Chief’ Joe Biden After Busloads Of Migrants Arrive At Veep’s Residence | The Daily Wire

  4. Illegal Immigrants Set To Fill Up Arizona Colleges In 2023 | The Daily Caller

  5. Spain announces $10.6 bln package to ease inflation pain | Reuters

  6. South Korea apologizes to citizens for failing to down North Korean drones that violated airspace | Fox News

  7. GasBuddy: Gas Prices to Soar over $4 a Gallon in 2023 (

  8. 2022 Sees Continued Exodus from NY, CA to FL, TX - Florida’s Voice (

  9. 'Cancel Your Trip': Biden Slammed for Sunny St. Croix Vacation As New York Death Toll Climbs (

  10. Outdated Jobs List Used to Deny Social Security Disability Benefits |

  11. Judge denies Arizona Gov.-elect Hobbs' request to sanction Lake over election lawsuit | Just The News

  12. DeSantis Launches Investigation into Disgusting "Drag Queen Christmas" Event Where Children Were Present (

  13. TikTok banned from all House of Representatives devices | Washington Examiner

  14. Rep. Good: Kevin McCarthy Was Staunch Supporter of Liz Cheney Until She Publicly Embarrassed Him at Press Conference - National File

  15. Trump’s ‘Bloodlust’ For White House In 2016 Was ‘Interconnected’ With Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Wishes, MSNBC Host Says | The Daily Caller

  16. Rasmussen Poll: 22% Say Dems Are America's Greatest Enemy |

  17. Whoopi Goldberg faces backlash after repeating false Holocaust comments (

  18. Rep. Lieu Deletes 'Misleading' Tweet After Musk Fact Check |

  19. Used Tesla prices drop nearly 20% as flippers can’t find buyers (

  20. Sweden's Sober Recommendation Regarding Gender-Affirming Care for Children | National Review

  21. Peter Strzok Comes out of the Woodwork to Attack Elon Musk – RedState

  22. Tesla's 'full self-driving' mode at center of blame for major accident | Washington Examiner

  23. US military families sue French company that pleaded guilty to supporting ISIS | Fox News

  24. Jan 6 Committee member Jamie Raskin claims Electoral College is 'a danger to the American people' | The Post Millennial |

  25. Bankman-Fried's criminal case assigned to judge in Trump, Prince Andrew cases | Reuters

  26. Top Biden Official Pushed Big Tech To Censor ‘Misinformation’ On Trans ‘Care’ For Minors, Video Shows | The Daily Wire

  27. Ukraine aims for February peace summit as Russian attacks and threats continue | Washington Examiner

  28. Man sentenced to 16 years for plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (

  29. Putin's chief poisoner 'is fired from the FSB for criticising the Ukraine war' | Daily Mail Online

  30. Putin exploits US divisions to gain leverage in prisoner swaps, advocate says | Washington Examiner

  31. Migrant tent erected at border to prep for Title 42 end (

  32. Seattle county prohibits employees from showing religious holiday imagery in virtual backgrounds, wins 'Ebenezer Award' | The Post Millennial |

  33. Paxton Wins Legal Battle Against Twitter in Fight for Free Speech and Transparency | Office of the Attorney General (

  34. Russia’s Lavrov closes door on EU and turns to 'like-minded' allies | Fox News

  35. Washington residents without power after substations vandalized | The Post Millennial |

  36. House set to release Trump's redacted tax returns on Friday | Washington Examiner

  37. FBI probed U.S. philanthropic group at Russia's request without any alleged wrongdoing, report | Just The News

  38. NHS agency firm took staff on all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean | Daily Mail Online

  39. South Korea pardoning ex-President Lee Myung-bak for corruption (

  40. George Santos: When I Said I Was ‘Jewish,’ I Meant ‘Jew-ish’ (

  41. Southwest Airlines cancel more than half of flights because of winter weather | Fox Business

  42. Taiwan extends compulsory military service to 1 year | The Hill

  43. FDA fast-tracks review of over-the-counter opioid overdose antidote | Just The News

  44. Putin to stop sales of Russian oil to countries that cap price | The Post Millennial |

  45. ‘I Was Almost In Tears’: Libs Of TikTok Reveals ‘Crazy’ Offer From Ron DeSantis | The Daily Wire

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