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TWS News Roundup 12/6/22

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  1. Musk fires Twitter lawyer over alleged role in censoring Hunter Biden laptop story | Just The News

  2. Trump Org. found guilty on all charges at tax fraud trial (

  3. Sam Bankman-Fried claims new FTX CEO John Ray made 'false' claims in court filings (

  4. House panel directs Cawthorn to pay fine for improper crypto purchase | The Hill

  5. TikTok Deal With US Delayed Over National Security Concerns |

  6. Apple illegally interfered with union organizing effort in Atlanta, national labor board finds | The Hill

  7. Trans child surgery has risen 13 TIMES in last decade at some US hospitals | Daily Mail Online

  8. Colorado teenager charged with attempted murder of at least seven police officers | Washington Examiner

  9. Bankman-Fried, Ellison tap attorneys as FTX probes ramp up | Reuters

  10. Blinken Elevates Palestinian Claims to Jerusalem at J Street Conference (

  11. Democrat Jon Ossoff Silent on Leftist Calls to Block Media Cartel Bill (

  12. Fauci Knows Everything, Remembers Nothing In Court Testimony (

  13. U.S banks warn of recession risk, inflation hurting consumers, shares hit | Reuters

  14. Taliban will allow girls to take graduation tests despite banning them from classrooms | Washington Examiner

  15. JFK Expert: CIA Has Proof Oswald Involved in Secret Operation |

  16. Biggs again challenges McCarthy for speaker, second try to oust 'establishment' candidate | Just The News

  17. Anti-Trump lawyer Avenatti gets 14 years in prison – One America News Network (

  18. Ex-Twitter Employees Plan to ‘Bombard’ Company With Legal Claims | WIRED

  19. Fugitive Nabbed in Mexico After 9 Years on the Run |

  20. US intelligence chief: Parents ‘should be’ concerned for kids’ privacy on TikTok | The Hill

  21. Taiwan-based semiconductor factory invests $40B in Arizona factory (

  22. UK: Labour lawmakers want to censor "legal but harmful" speech online (

  23. Report: ICE Underreports Immigrant GPS Tracking |

  24. Suspect in Colorado LGBT club shooting charged with hate crimes and murder | Washington Examiner

  25. Jan. 6 committee chair expects panel to issue criminal referrals to DOJ (

  26. Report: BuzzFeed to Layoff 12% of Workforce (

  27. GAO releases report blasting colleges for misleading financial aid letters | The Hill

  28. FBI wouldn't discuss Hunter Biden probe after convincing Facebook to suppress laptop stories (

  29. Ron DeSantis Says He Plans to Hold Pfizer and Moderna Accountable For Making False Claims About Their Shots › American Greatness (

  30. Gmail creator predicts ChatGPT may challenge Google's search engine monopoly | Daily Mail Online

  31. Ron DeSantis Won't Talk to the MSM and It's Driving Them Insane – RedState

  32. Report: Tillis, Sinema Plan Gives Amnesty to 2M DACA Illegal Aliens (

  33. German court dismisses challenge to 750 bln euro EU recovery fund | Reuters

  34. Biden won't go to US border due to 'more important things' (

  35. Mall of America settles lawsuit over 5-year-old boy thrown from balcony (

  36. Newsom proposes 'price gouging penalty' on oil industry | Just The News

  37. DOE Touts $200M Grant to Lithium Battery Company as Boon to American-Made Clean Energy. The Company Operates Primarily From China. (

  38. Musk’s Neuralink faces federal probe, employee backlash over animal tests (

  39. Pfizer, BioNTech countersue Moderna over COVID-19 vaccine patents | Reuters

  40. Taxpayers foot part of the bill for Trudeau's Caribbean spring break trip - Rebel News

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