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TWS News Roundup 2/14/23

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  1. Nikki Haley launches presidential campaign, challenging Trump for GOP nomination - ABC News

  2. IRS nominee faces herculean challenge of modernizing agency | The Hill

  3. Tesla workers launch first ever union campaign - BBC News

  4. Senators signal bipartisan support for kids’ online safety proposal | The Hill

  5. Secret China Donations to University of Delaware Soared After the Opening of the Biden Institute (

  6. US missed UFO with first missile shot over Lake Huron (

  7. DeSantis administration convicts man for false voter registration (

  8. Canadian health officials skirt criticisms by playing bureaucratic musical chairs - Rebel News

  9. ‘Unlike Anything I Have Ever Seen’: Ohio First Responder Says Residents Suffer From Health Issues After Train Derailment | The Daily Wire

  10. REPORT: Chinese Government Involved In TikTok Negotiations With Biden Administration | The Daily Caller

  11. Ilhan Omar Pushes Buttigieg For ‘Direct Action’ After Ohio Train Derailment | The Daily Wire

  12. Feinstein: Will Not Run for Reelection in 2024, Focus on This Congress - Press Releases - United States Senator for California (

  13. Ron Klain Recounts 'Blowup' With Sen. Manchin on Spending Bill |

  14. Another Liberal MP violates ethics rules, prompting ethics commissioner to recommend training for ministers, parliamentary secretaries - Rebel News

  15. Ilhan Omar Pushes Buttigieg For ‘Direct Action’ After Ohio Train Derailment | The Daily Wire

  16. Ford Sinks After Halting Production, Shipments Of Electric F-150 On 'Battery Issues' | ZeroHedge

  17. Leading MI Democrat Posts Obscene Message On ‘Thoughts And Prayers,’ Calls For Gun Control | The Daily Wire

  18. China's Xi calls for early resolution of Iran nuclear issue | Reuters

  19. MSU shooter Anthony McRae pleaded guilty to gun charge in 2019 (

  20. Tim Scott joining Haley at presidential forum | The Hill

  21. Face masks made ‘little to no difference’ in preventing spread of COVID, scientific review finds | Fox News

  22. Pence plans to resist special counsel subpoena in Jan. 6 probe (

  23. Buttigieg Breaks Silence 10 Days After Ohio Train Derailment Causes Ecological Disaster - Becker News

  24. Rep. Massie introduces bill to abolish the Department of Education | Just The News

  25. Turkey-Syria: Warning as scammers use earthquake to harvest donations | Daily Mail Online

  26. ‘House Of Cards’: Ron DeSantis Predicts That ESG Will ‘Come Crashing Down’ | The Daily Caller

  27. National Archives offers personal tours to anti-abortion activists who sued - POLITICO

  28. Biden pledges to not let America default on its debt | Reuters

  29. Former Longtime Iowa Governor Terry Branstad Says DNC Will Live to Regret Caucus Decision - The Star News Network

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