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TWS News Roundup 2/15/23

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  1. Jim Jordan Subpoenas Big Tech Executives In Collusion Investigation | The Daily Wire

  2. ‘I’ll Save A Seat For You’: Ohio Congressman Says It Is ‘Past Time’ Buttigieg Hears Out Residents Harmed By Train Crash | The Daily Wire

  3. DeSantis proposes 'Digital Bill of Rights' targeting Big Tech (

  4. U.S. backs Moderna, says government should face COVID-19 vaccine lawsuit | Reuters

  5. San Francisco Liberals Rush to Defense of Fentanyl-Dealing Illegal Immigrants (

  6. Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon to resign after 8 years | Fox News

  7. Musk to Continue Running Twitter Through 2023 |

  8. Matt Gaetz Cleared: DOJ Officially Decides to Not Charge Congressman After Investigation (

  9. Buttigieg Pretends He’s Powerless To Reduce Derailment Risks (

  10. NTSB released new details about East Palestine, Ohio train derailment - Rebel News

  11. Trump announces he is embracing ballot harvesting | The Post Millennial |

  12. DeSantis signs bill to transport migrants to sanctuary jurisdictions (

  13. WHO convenes 'urgent' meeting over outbreak of deadly Marburg virus | Daily Mail Online

  14. CBO says U.S. will breach debt ceiling ‘between July and September’ (

  15. NORAD conducts air defense exercise days after Russian aircraft intercepted over Alaska, objects shot down | Fox News

  16. Schumer expected to visit Israel as Bibi faces criticism over judicial overhaul plan (

  17. Elon Musk 'pushed algorithm change to boost his tweets' over jealousy of Biden's Super Bowl post | Daily Mail Online

  18. DeWine emphasizes bottled water drinking guidance issued from ‘abundance of caution’ | The Hill

  19. Italy's Berlusconi wins another legal battle in Bunga Bunga bribe case | Reuters

  20. Wyoming's Harriet Hageman endorses Trump for president in 2024 | The Post Millennial |

  21. Biden FCC Nominee: Agency Should Probe DirecTV's 'Deplatforming of Newsmax' |

  22. Arizona issues shelter-in-place, evacuation orders after chemical tanker spills on highway | The Post Millennial |

  23. Russia: Putin sends nuke-capable 'Bear' bombers over sea off Alaska (

  24. FBI announces investigation into Harris County jail system after 32 inmates die - ABC News (

  25. Montana, energy groups sue Portland for blocking energy infrastructure | Fox News

  26. Elon Musk donated £1.6bn in Tesla stock to charity last year | US News | Sky News

  27. Christian Teacher Fired For Refusing To Hide Students’ Gender Transitions From Parents | The Daily Caller

  28. Heineken sees 2023 profit increase despite Europe weakness | Reuters

  29. Captain of 2018 Thai soccer team rescued from cave dies (

  30. Officials say Biden manipulating border stats, blinding agents to fleeing aliens | Just The News

  31. Lufthansa IT meltdown strands thousands of passengers | Reuters

  32. Soros-backed Virginia DA accused of targeting political opponents, reporters | Fox News

  33. UN chief: Rising seas risk ‘death sentence’ for some nations | The Hill

  34. Ukraine aid support softens in the US: AP-NORC Poll | AP News

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