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TWS News Roundup 2/19/24

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  1. Biden says he's considering additional sanctions on Russia over Alexey Navalny's death - CBS News

  2. Joe Biden’s brother used family name to gain influence in now-bankrupt hospital scheme: report | The Post Millennial |

  3. Trump open to Jan. 6 suits after missing SCOTUS appeal deadline (

  4. US-Canada border patrol tells residents to watch out for illegal immigrants with criminal records: report | The Post Millennial |

  5. Migrants continue to flock to Jacumba Hot Springs, California (

  6. Air Canada Argues in Court that Its AI Chatbot Is a 'Separate Legal Entity Responsible for Its Own Actions' (

  7. Greg Abbott to build National Guard base in Eagle Pass Texas to fight border invasion | The Post Millennial |'

  8. Pentagon Confirms $32M Drone Downed Off Yemen, Same Day UK Tanker Destroyed | ZeroHedge

  9. Russia Threatens Nukes For London, Washington if It Loses Ukraine War (

  10. COVID Vaccine Shedding Is 'Real', FDA & Pfizer Documents Are Proof: Clinicians | ZeroHedge

  11. Biden administration to relax electric vehicle mandate deadlines through the end of the decade | Just The News

  12. IDF finds video of Hamas hostages Kfir Bibas, 1, mom and brother alive in Gaza (

  13. REVEALED: Suspect in Minnesota cop killing is a left-wing felon barred from owning guns | The Post Millennial |

  14. Crew Abandons 'Sinking' Ship Struck by Houthi Missile (

  15. CA Dems Push Bill Forcing Insurers to ID Homeowners Who Own Guns (

  16. Biden provides chip maker with $1.5 billion to expand production in New York, Vermont - CBS News

  17. TikTok faces EU scrutiny for possible breaches of strict new digital rulebook - ABC News (

  18. George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel For $750K Over Late-Night Prank | ZeroHedge

  19. Argentina Sees First Monthly Budget Surplus In 12 Years | Barron's (

  20. Saturn's 'Death Star' moon has a hidden ocean under its surface, scientists say - ABC News (

  21. Rashida Tlaib tells Michigan Dems to vote ‘uncommitted’ to oppose Joe Biden | The Post Millennial |

  22. Haley says she’d pardon Trump if he’s convicted | The Hill

  23. AstraZeneca shares rise on US approval of lung cancer treatment | Daily Mail Online

  24. 12 alleged cartel members killed by Mexican soldiers near U.S. border - CBS News

  25. Israel to launch Rafah offensive if hostages aren't freed by next month (

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