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TWS News Roundup 2/20/23

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  1. James O'Keefe confirms departure from Project Veritas in emotional video statement from headquarters | Just The News

  2. Kevin McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson access to massive trove of Jan. 6 riot tape (

  3. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Black Lives Matter Shirts Being Banned in Georgia School District | The Gateway Pundit

  4. Michigan elects new state GOP chair, disregarding Trump endorsement as White House race approaches | Just The News

  5. Health clinic to open in East Palestine as residents report burning eyes and terrible headaches | Daily Mail Online

  6. Russia sells weapons at Abu Dhabi arms fair amid Ukraine war | AP News

  7. South African rand slips; fiscal policy in focus this week | Reuters

  8. U.S. Ambassador to Israel: 60% of My Time Is Helping Palestinians (

  9. Schumer in India stresses economic ties as ‘crucial counterweight’ to China | The Hill

  10. GOP lawmakers slam Biden for Ukraine trip, neglecting East Palestine, southern border: 'They can keep him!' | Fox News

  11. Record 6,542 Guns Intercepted at US Airport Security in 2022 |

  12. Pilots report seeing 'large white balloon' floating 50,000ft above Hawaii on plane radars | Daily Mail Online

  13. Trump blasts Biden for choosing Ukraine on President's Day over Ohio: 'They were abandoned' | Just The News

  14. Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies |

  15. Watchdog Group Announces Lawsuit Against The FTC For Records On Meat Industry Investigation | The Daily Caller

  16. Federal judge says "assault weapons" not protected by the Second Amendment – Bearing Arms

  17. Brazil deluge kills 36; search continues for dozens missing | AP News

  18. New 6.3 magnitude quake rocks Turkey as death toll nears 47,000 - ABC News (

  19. U.S. regulator seeks more information on Tesla crash in California | Reuters

  20. Experts: SCOTUS 'Ill-Matched' to Solve Big Tech Problems |

  21. Christian Ziegler elected chairman of Florida GOP (

  22. DeSantis Slams Biden For Visiting Ukraine While Ignoring Southern Border | The Daily Caller

  23. Britain's BrewDog aims to put Punk IPA on the map in China | Reuters

  24. Embattled Don Lemon absent Monday from 'CNN This Morning' | AP News

  25. NYC Mayor Eric Adams takes shot at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ahead of visit to Staten Island - ABC News

  26. Philippines, U.S. discuss joint coast guard patrols in South China Sea | Reuters

  27. White House gave Russia heads-up about Biden's Ukraine visit (

  28. China's new rules for offshore listings spark concern about lengthy approval process | Reuters

  29. Former White House Doctor: Biden's Medical Was A "Cover Up" | ZeroHedge

  30. U.S. will back quake-hit Turkey "as long as it takes", Blinken says | Reuters

  31. Catholic bishop shot to death in California (

  32. Vivek Ramaswamy Ramps Up Presidential Buzz, Lays Out Vision for The Country With Imminent 2024 Decision (

  33. Zelensky on Biden visit to Ukraine: ‘Historic. Timely. Brave.’ | The Hill

  34. Alec Baldwin scores legal win in 'Rust' shooting case as firearm enhancement charge is dropped | Just The News

  35. Project would pipe water from Mexico to parched Arizona — if anyone can agree on it | The Hill

  36. India opposes Vedanta's $3 bln zinc assets sale, rekindling debt worries | Reuters

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