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TWS News Roundup 2/21/23

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  1. $200M in NY City Purchased COVID Gear Auctioned For Just $500,000 - THE CITY

  2. Rishi Sunak holds talks with Cabinet amid NI Brexit wrangling | Daily Mail Online

  3. Frontier Airlines introduces new family seating policy | Reuters

  4. Besieged Buttigieg Breaks Media Silence on Ohio Train Disaster, Lashes Out at GOP Critics (

  5. Top banker says UK will introduce a "super app" that combines digital ID and financial data (

  6. Slain Temple cop shot 6 times in face, head by suspect Miles Pfeffer: police | The Post Millennial |

  7. Visions of 'Justice': Tanks to Roll on Moscow's Red Square, Says Ukraine (

  8. Barbara Lee Announces Bid For Dianne Feinstein’s Senate Seat | The Daily Wire

  9. Biden’s EPA Orders Rail Company To Clean Up Toxic Spill from East Palestine Train Disaster - Becker News

  10. China’s Xi Jinping Plans Russia Visit as Putin Wages War in Ukraine - WSJ

  11. East Palestine, Ohio, introduces medical digital ID (

  12. Detransitioner Files First Lawsuit In Canada Against Medical Providers | The Daily Wire

  13. Air Force Touts Plans To Track Promotions From A ‘Race, Equity And Gender Standpoint’ | The Daily Caller

  14. Home Depot flags profit hit from slowing demand, rising wages in 2023 | Reuters

  15. East Palestine Mayor: Biden 'Doesn't Care About Us' (

  16. YouTube is accused of censorship for restricting documentary critical of Disney (

  17. GOP lawmakers seek investigation of ‘unauthorized’ disclosure of their Air Force records - POLITICO

  18. Far-Left Activists Crash Biden's D.C. Dinner Date, Demand End to War in Ukraine | Human Events |

  19. Iranian foundation offers land to Salman Rushdie's attacker - The Jerusalem Post (

  20. Romanian court rules to hold Andrew Tate for 30 more days | AP News

  21. Jen Psaki to Host Weekly Sunday Show on MSNBC (

  22. Qualcomm announces software business around its supply chain chips | Reuters

  23. House Foreign Affairs Chair McCaul leads GOP delegation to Kyiv | Fox News

  24. Rep. David Cicilline, former impeachment manager, resigning from Congress - CBS News

  25. Sensitive US military emails spill online | TechCrunch

  26. GOP lawmakers seek investigation of ‘unauthorized’ disclosure of their Air Force records - POLITICO

  27. NY area spared by severe winter front (

  28. Former FBI Agents Slam Bureau For Wasting Tax Dollars On ‘Wellness Room’ For Employees | The Daily Wire

  29. Sept. 11 victims cannot seize Afghan central bank assets, U.S. judge says | Reuters

  30. Former CBC boss gets back-dated $44,000 raise from Trudeau: report - Rebel News

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