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TWS News Roundup 2/23/23

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  1. Biden Administration Admits Asylum Fraud Crisis, Border Advocates Say (

  2. Buttigieg left waiting in the HALL while Giuliani speaks with East Palestine Mayor | Daily Mail Online

  3. EU riles Big Tech with telecoms network costs consultation | Reuters

  4. Cuba's Population Is Dramatically Decreasing |

  5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urges Japan to advance LGBTQ+ agenda ahead of G7 summit - Rebel News

  6. Medvedev says Russia has the RIGHT to use nukes | Daily Mail Online

  7. ‘When They Care About The People Is When They’re On TV’: East Palestine Residents Are Not Thrilled Pete Buttigieg Is In Town | The Daily Wire

  8. U.S. to 'quickly' nominate candidate to lead World Bank, Yellen says | Reuters

  9. Idaho Republican Introduces Bill To Ban Ranked-Choice Voting (

  10. NATO Mocked for Comparing Ukraine to Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel - Valiant News

  11. US to ramp up troop numbers in Taiwan: report (

  12. Moderna's melanoma shot could be approved in MONTHS after getting FDA 'breakthrough' drug status | Daily Mail Online

  13. America First Legal Files Formal Complaint with the House Communications Standards Commission After Representative Veronica Escobar Used Official Congressional Resources to Silence Free Speech - America First Legal (

  14. Germany bids to clear the rocky path for foreign talent | Reuters

  15. Hunter Biden Rebuffs Congressional Investigation (

  16. Proposal bolsters career and technical education in grades 6-12 (

  17. Joy Reid Delivers Wild Rant Claiming Republicans Hate The 20th Century | The Daily Wire

  18. Enes Kanter Freedom says he plans to run for office | The Hill

  19. Sen. Scott accuses Democrats of using 'provocative racial history' to fuel 'progressive agenda' | Fox News

  20. Iran Acknowledges Accusation it Enriched Uranium to 84% |

  21. 730K power outages in Michigan as massive winter storm targets northern US | The Hill

  22. Top EU bodies, citing security, ban TikTok on staff phones | Reuters

  23. 145K cans of baby formula recalled out of abundance of caution as parents still deal with shortage | The Hill

  24. Florida journalist and 9-year-old girl shot to death in Orlando, suspect in custody | The Post Millennial |

  25. On the Campaign Trail, John Fetterman Cited Doctors' Notes Attesting to His Vitality. Now He Says He Was Told to Get More Rest. (

  26. Dems preparing in case Biden decides not to seek a second term | The Post Millennial |

  27. Bankman-Fried faces more criminal charges, allegedly hid political donations | Reuters

  28. AZ Senate Elections Committee passes resolution to BAN voting machines made in foreign countries (

  29. Moody files to reinstate Florida's defunding of Planned Parenthood amid Dobbs decision (

  30. 2 former House GOP candidates alerted to improper requests for Air Force records - POLITICO

  31. Israel thanks Oman for opening its airspace | Reuters

  32. Missouri AG fires Soros-backed St. Louis prosecutor Gardner for missteps | Just The News

  33. NTSB on East Palestine toxic train derailment: '100% preventable' - ABC News (

  34. GOP House seeks documents on State Department's funding of 'censorship campaign' | Just The News

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