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TWS News Roundup 2/26/24

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  1. Trump, co-defendants appeal ruling in $464 million civil fraud case - ABC News (

  2. Biden and Trump unveil dueling border visits (

  3. Ukraine's Top Spy Chief Says Navalny Died From Blood Clot, Rejects 'Murder' Narrative | ZeroHedge

  4. Palestinian prime minister resigns amid calls to reform Palestinian Authority (

  5. Ronna McDaniel officially announces she will step down on March 8th | The Post Millennial |

  6. U.S. Air Force member who set himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy in D.C. has died (

  7. Alvin Bragg demands Trump be silenced with gag order in business records case | The Post Millennial |

  8. Slovak PM says several NATO countries considering sending troops to Ukraine | Human Events |

  9. Russia claims to have destroyed its first US M1 Abrams on Ukraine battlefield as video 'shows tank burning near frontline' | Daily Mail Online

  10. Sweden to join NATO in historic move as Hungary ratifies bid (

  11. No Labels director says Nikki Haley ‘somebody we’d definitely be interested in’ | The Hill

  12. Nancy Pelosi targeted by pro-Palestinian activists at Dem fundraiser in Beverly Hills | The Post Millennial |

  13. Democrats urge Biden administration to block Capital One, Discover merger | The Hill

  14. Mystery of missing SS Nemesis ship solved after 120 years (

  15. Koch-Backed Group Stops Spending on Nikki Haley Campaign (

  16. Biden Admin Planted Operative in Fani Willis Office, Sources Say (

  17. Pope Francis Cancels Activities Due to ‘Persistent’ Flu (

  18. First image of Odysseus on the moon released after historic landing - ABC News (

  19. Trump speaks out on murder of Laken Riley by illegal immigrant, Biden still silent | The Post Millennial |

  20. Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro asks court to let him remain free while appealing his contempt conviction - ABC News (

  21. Biden's FTC Sues To Block Kroger & Albertsons Merger, Saying Deal Will "Eliminate Competition" | ZeroHedge

  22. Rust armorer says Alec Baldwin to blame for fatal shooting, gun expert contradicts actor’s account | The Post Millennial |

  23. Explosive detonated outside Alabama attorney general's office on Saturday - ABC News (

  24. Hawley vows to attach Radiation Exposure Compensation Act to anything moving on Senate floor | The Hill

  25. NY Times 'reviewing' ties with Israeli reporter over Gaza 'slaughterhouse' (

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