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TWS News Roundup 2/8/23

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  1. Experts: China Will Still Control TikTok's Algorithm No Matter What Deal Is Made (

  2. Democrats win back Pennsylvania House in three special elections | The Hill

  3. VA House Passes Bill Preventing Schools from Hiding Child 'Gender Transition' (

  4. Former Twitter exec Yoel Roth ADMITS Hunter Biden laptop story in NY Post did not violate Twitter policies | The Post Millennial |

  5. SMOKING GUN - HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP EXCLUSIVE: Burisma Asked Hunter to End Ukraine Investigation on Company - Then Joe Biden Threatened Ukraine and Had Investigator Fired (

  6. Rep. Donalds Unleashes During Hearing, Suggests Twitter May Have Broken Federal Election Laws With Hunter Biden Story (

  7. Biden Opens State Of The Union Speech With Misleading Economic Claims | The Daily Wire

  8. More than $300M worth of cocaine found floating in Pacific Ocean | Fox News

  9. Earthquake Death Toll Soars Past 11,000 As US Sanctions On Syria Block Humanitarian Aid | ZeroHedge

  10. CNN Correspondent Says Biden Showed ‘Some Vigor, Some Fight’ In Response To GOP Heckling During SOTU | The Daily Caller

  11. Investigative Journalist Says U.S. Bombed Nord Stream Pipeline (

  12. Noem delivering series of high-profile speeches in nation's capital, generates more 2024 buzz | Just The News

  13. White House hits House GOP for ‘bizarre political stunt’ with Hunter Biden Twitter hearing | The Hill

  14. FACT CHECK: Biden Says COVID Caused The 2020 Crime Spike (

  15. Kim Jong Un brings daughter on tour of North Korea in his first public appearance in weeks | Fox News

  16. North Korea stages nighttime military parade to mark army anniversary -Yonhap | Reuters

  17. TikTok ban on state of Texas devices goes into effect next week | Just The News

  18. Matt Gaetz Given Seat On New House Committee On Weaponization Of Government (

  19. Disney yanks China-critical 'Simpsons' episode from Hong Kong streaming | Just The News

  20. Hawley Authors Bill to Ban Chinese Corps from Owning U.S. Farmland (

  21. Fauci paper suggests feds knew COVID vaccines were doomed from the start: 'Decidedly suboptimal' | Just The News

  22. Alibaba tests ChatGPT-style tool as AI buzz intensifies | Reuters

  23. Zelenskyy seeks weaponry in surprise trips to London, Paris | AP News

  24. Report: Disney Facing Bloodbath as Thousands of Layoffs, Budget Cuts Loom (

  25. Elon Musk Takes Action to Protect Freedom of Speech, Reinstates Republican Senators Account After Suspension - DC Enquirer

  26. Alphabet Loses Over $110 Billion Market Cap After AI ChatBot 'Glitch' | ZeroHedge

  27. From 'Never Kevin' to convert: Gaetz 'would give Speaker McCarthy an A for his work so far' | Just The News

  28. Iraq revalues currency to 1,300 dinars per USD, state news agency says | Reuters

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