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TWS News Roundup 11/3/21

  1. U.S. woman who aided Bali 'suitcase' murder arrested in Chicago

  2. Republicans to challenge Biden vaccine mandate

  3. U.S. shale producers signal more oil coming, as OPEC counts on restraint

  4. Ford to mandate vaccine for most salaried employees

  5. Indian home-grown COVID-19 shot wins WHO emergency use approval

  6. Top cyber official reports 'decrease' in Russian cyberattacks against US groups

  7. Continental Resources to buy Texas land from Pioneer for $3.25 bln

  8. Off-duty Chicago officer fatally shot, 2nd off-duty officer placed on administrative leave

  9. California zip line worker sacrificed himself to save helpless rider: witness

  10. Pentagon sharply raises its estimate of Chinese nuclear warheads

  11. Ex-Raider Henry Ruggs III drove 156 mph, at twice the legal alcohol limit in fatal crash, DA says

  12. Bezos offered Tom Hanks a ride on Blue Origin space rocket

  13. Sneaky iPhone feature lets you listen to conversations happening 15 min away

  14. Gun control group files federal lawsuit against NRA, accusing it of campaign finance violations

  15. Sen. Hawley Introduces Bill to Help Taiwan Arm Itself Against Potential China Invasion

  16. Bank of Canada plans new tools to assess climate impact on economy

  17. Attorney for 'Rust' armorer floats sabotage in fatal shooting

  18. Chinese Province May Offer a Year of Maternity Leave

  19. Tunisia says tunnel found near French ambassador’s residence

  20. Arizona Supreme Court strikes GOP mask mandate ban

  21. Minneapolis Police Abolition Referendum Goes Down In Defeat

  22. Meet Edward Durr, the Republican truck driver who could oust longtime Senate President Steve Sweeney - with spending just $153 on his campaign.

  23. WATCH: Biden sidesteps questions on why Democrats lost in Virginia while pressing to vaccinate children

  24. NJ gov race results delayed after vote-counting snafu hits key county

  25. #StandWithDan trends on Twitter as conservatives rally behind Bongino's stand against vaccine mandates

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