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TWS News Roundup 3/13/23

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  1. Australia gains submarines, more patrols to counter China in deal with US, UK | The Hill

  2. McConnell discharged from hospital after concussion, to undergo physical therapy for rib fracture | Washington Examiner

  3. Proud Boys J6 Case Upended By Hidden FBI Messages Judge Calls ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ | The Daily Wire

  4. Climate activist companies at risk after SVB collapse, bank was vital to 'climate-tech sector' | The Post Millennial |

  5. US Intel Agencies Need To Focus Intensely On 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,' Intelligence Chief Says | ZeroHedge

  6. British EV startup Arrival gets $300 mln funding, aims to slow cash-burn | Reuters

  7. Trump Makes First Iowa Stop For 2024 Campaign, Announces Leadership Team | The Daily Caller

  8. Kidnapping of 4 Americans in Mexico Draws Questions About Gulf Cartel's Potential Control of Ambulances (

  9. ‘Huge Red Flag’: Inside Biden Nominee Eric Garcetti’s Ties To Members Of Alleged Chinese Intel Front Groups | The Daily Caller

  10. UK approves increased submarine-related exports to Taiwan, risking angering China | Reuters

  11. NewsGuard Claims It's Not Government-Funded, $750K Grant Suggests Otherwise (

  12. China's Xi plans Russia visit as soon as next week - sources | Reuters

  13. Pentagon Says It Could Still Kick Out 16K Unvaccinated Troops (

  14. Silicon Valley Bank Sued by Shareholders for Fraud (

  15. Volkswagen picks Canada for first battery cell plant outside Europe, Ottawa jubilant | Reuters

  16. Barney Frank under fire over role on board of Signature Bank (

  17. Trading Temporarily Halted For Major Bank Stocks After Pre-Market Collapse | The Daily Caller

  18. North Korea test fires missiles from submarine amid US, South Korean military drills | The Hill

  19. AOC, top Democrats issue stinging rebuke of Biden over failed climate promises | Fox News

  20. House GOP launches investigation into DHS' domestic intelligence gathering - POLITICO

  21. Biden approves controversial oil drilling project in Alaska | The Hill

  22. No departures at Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg airports as security staff strike | Reuters

  23. Biden Claims His ‘Quick Action’ Saved Banking Industry, Blames Trump For Banks Collapsing | The Daily Wire

  24. Germany imposes moratorium on German SVB branch | Reuters

  25. Saudis effectively block Israeli minister's trip to kingdom for UN conference (

  26. UK finance minister says SVB rescue necessary to protect UK tech | Reuters

  27. Minneapolis mayor threatened by far-left activists | The Post Millennial |

  28. Pfizer buys Seagen for $43B, boosts access to cancer drugs | The Hill

  29. Micronesia’s president accuses China of ‘political warfare’ (

  30. Stanford Tells Federalist Society Students To 'Reach Out' to Diversity Dean Who Encouraged Disruption of Their Event—and To Shut Up on Twitter (

  31. Signature Bank Closes After SVB Collapse |

  32. Rumor sends hundreds of migrants rushing for U.S. border at El Paso (

  33. China's Xi looks to extend Beijing's influence globally (

  34. Venezuela to ship fuel to Cuba on US-blacklisted supertanker | Reuters

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