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TWS News Roundup 3/18/24

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  1. North Korea tests missiles as Blinken visits Seoul | The Hill

  2. Impossible for Trump to Post Bond Covering $454M Civil Fraud Judgment: Lawyers (

  3. Senate Committee Delays Vote on Anti-Semitism Bill Following Opposition From Pro-Palestinian Groups - The Lakewood Scoop

  4. Firm Tied To China’s Military Industrial Complex Plans To Roll Out Massive Battery Chemical Plants In US | The Daily Caller

  5. House GOP preps Hunter Biden associate to testify from prison (

  6. Oversight Republicans request White House communications on LNG pause | The Hill

  7. CCP-linked crime rings use Biden’s border crisis to smuggle in workers, take over illicit marijuana trade in US: report | The Post Millennial |

  8. NIH researchers find no evidence of ‘Havana syndrome’ in brain scans | The Hill

  9. Biden tells Netanyahu Rafah operation would be 'mistake' -- after praising Schumer's speech calling for  'new election' in Israel (

  10. Biden administration bans ongoing uses of asbestos | The Hill

  11. Kentucky House votes to defund DEI offices at public universities (

  12. First charter flight with US citizens fleeing Haiti arrives in Miami | The Hill

  13. Democrat-run Chicago begins evicting illegal immigrants from housing shelters | The Post Millennial |

  14. Eric Adams accuser details alleged sexual assault in new suit (

  15. New FBI headquarters gets funding momentum - Axios Washington D.C.

  16. Trump reveals he will make decision on abortion stance 'pretty soon' that will make 'both sides happy' amid reports he backs a 16-week national ban | Daily Mail Online

  17. Lauren Boebert is leading the primary race in Colorado's 4th district, but it's not a 'slam dunk': The GOP firebrand is embracing voters' skepticism of her decision to switch districts as a proud 'carpetbagger' and isn't shying away from family drama | Daily Mail Online

  18. Standard Chartered Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) to Hit $150,000 in 2024 (

  19. United CEO desperately tries to reassure fliers that airline is safe despite string of 'unrelated' incidents all involving Boeing jets | Daily Mail Online

  20. Biden hosts Kennedy family without RFK Jr. for St. Patrick’s Day | The Hill

  21. Walgreens, CVS begin rollout of abortion pill mifepristone | Just The News

  22. Father of Laken Riley breaks down in first public statement since daughter's murder (

  23. 44 percent say Trump conviction in hush money case would not affect vote: Survey | The Hill

  24. Joe Biden's new 'boat anchor' shoes meant for maximum 'stability' (

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