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TWS News Roundup 3/20/23

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  1. Amid a rise in fires and deaths, New York City enacts new e-bike rules - ABC News (

  2. Starbucks CEO steps down early ahead of Senate testimony | The Hill

  3. Trump speaks out on possible indictment: 'There was no crime, period' | The Post Millennial |

  4. Senators blast Mexico’s ‘seizure’ of Alabama-based port facility | The Hill

  5. White House briefing erupts after reporter berates Karine Jean-Pierre: 'Mockery of the First Amendment’ | Fox News

  6. JPMorgan CEO leading talks for new First Republic rescue plan - WSJ | Reuters

  7. Dem congressman 'may vote to impeach' Biden's DHS Secretary Mayorkas | Fox News

  8. US sending $350M in weapons, equipment to Ukraine in latest aid package | The Hill

  9. Credit Suisse shares slide after UBS buys it for $3.2 billion - CBS News

  10. Jury convicts 3 men of murder in rapper XXXTentacion’s death (

  11. Bill Gates wants the WHO to have more power - The Counter Signal

  12. GOP moves to block Biden’s pistol brace rule: ‘Abuse of rule-making authority’ | Fox News

  13. Ron DeSantis says he has 'no interest in getting involved' in potential Trump extradition to New York | The Post Millennial |

  14. Rumored 2024 contender says Dems are rallying support for Trump's campaign, 'misplayed' possible indictment | Fox News

  15. House GOP demands NYC DA turn over documents, give testimony as to the 'politically motivated' prosecution of Donald Trump | The Post Millennial |

  16. French politicians receive GUILLOTINE death threats as Macron faces vote of no confidence TODAY | Daily Mail Online

  17. American missionary held hostage for years in Niger released - ABC News (

  18. Amazon Prepares To Fire Another 9,000 Workers | ZeroHedge

  19. Florida professor fired for saying 'white Americans are under siege' files lawsuit | Daily Mail Online

  20. Kelly declines to say whether he'll back fellow Arizona Sen. Sinema for reelection as independent | Just The News

  21. North Korea describes latest missile launch as simulated nuclear attack on South | The Hill

  22. South African protests continue as demonstrators call for the president to resign | Fox News

  23. White House blasts House Freedom Caucus budget plan, claims it would hurt border security and cut CBP staff | Fox News

  24. Navajo Nation fight over Colorado River water rights hits Supreme Court - ABC News (

  25. Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou to visit China in effort to ease tension in the region | Fox News

  26. The Iraq War 20 years later: Delta Force operators recall hunting Saddam Hussein | Fox News

  27. Video shows massive anti-ship mine from World War II being destroyed in Croatia - CBS News

  28. Xi arrives in Moscow for three-day visit | The Hill

  29. CNN host admits evidence that Biden family got paid from Chinese energy firm doesn't 'look good' | The Post Millennial |

  30. REPORT: Hunter Biden Sues Delaware Laptop Repairman For Privacy Violation | The Daily Caller

  31. Tunisian president's supporters rally against 'traitors' | Reuters

  32. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un calls for nuclear attack preparedness on US, South Korea | Fox News

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