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TWS News Roundup 3/21/23

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  1. Trump will be indicted WEDNESDAY - but won't appear in court until next week | Daily Mail Online

  2. Lindsey Graham bets on a Trump victory in 2024 | Just The News

  3. Fauci 'Stooges' Now Claim Raccoon Dogs Caused COVID. Virologists Say They're Wrong. (

  4. Sen. Joe Manchin Slams Biden's 'Radical Policy Agenda' After Vetoing ESG Bill – RedState

  5. President Trump Issues New Plan to Tackle the Deep State - DC Enquirer

  6. SVB Financial Group seeks cooperation with FDIC after $2 bln frozen | Reuters

  7. DeSantis to deliver 'major policy speech' at Heritage leadership summit after skipping CPAC | Fox News

  8. Moderna expects to price its COVID vaccine at about $130 in the US | Reuters

  9. DEA issues dire warning on fentanyl mixed with flesh-eating 'Tranq' zombie drug seized in 48 of 50 states | Fox News

  10. Canada Feb inflation rate slowest in 13 months, backing up rate pause | Reuters

  11. Top House Republicans demand FDA produces documents about infant formula shortage response | Just The News

  12. California city pays $750K after police accused of painting swastika | Fox News

  13. Massive Earthquake Hits Afghanistan, Tremors Felt In India, Pakistan, And China | The Daily Wire

  14. California Gov. Newsom strikes deal to punish fossil fuel companies after first proposal rejected | Fox News

  15. Bomb Threats Made Against Manhattan DA, Courts & NYPD HQ As Possible Trump Indictment Nears - Breaking911

  16. Republican Group Wades Into Major Judicial Race With Six-Figure Ad Buy | The Daily Caller

  17. Manhattan DA issues scathing response to GOP letter on possible Trump indictment: 'We will not be intimidated' | Fox News

  18. India hunts Sikh preacher who has revived calls for homeland | Reuters

  19. Former FDIC chair: SVB ‘bailout’ was an ‘overreaction’ | The Hill

  20. ‘Rotten To The Core’ — Matt Gaetz, House Republicans To Introduce Legislation Rejecting New FBI Headquarters | The Daily Caller

  21. McCaul gives Blinken one more chance to supply Afghanistan withdraw docs or face subpoena | Just The News

  22. America First Legal Releases Second Set of Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Records from Lawsuit Against the National Archives - America First Legal (

  23. Russia warns of 'fewer and fewer steps to a NUCLEAR collision' | Daily Mail Online

  24. FBI spent 16,000 more hours on Jan 6 investigation than entire summer of BLM, Antifa riots: report | The Post Millennial |

  25. Ukraine hints it blew up Russian missiles in occupied Crimea (

  26. JD Vance urges colleagues to confront Norfolk Southern CEO on railway bill point, internal Senate memo shows | Fox News

  27. Supreme Court rules for deaf student who sued school district (

  28. 'All Over for iPhone' – Russian Officials Told to Ditch American Cellphones (

  29. TikTok: Italy, Norway and Netherlands become latest nations to move against the social media giant | Daily Mail Online

  30. Biden signs law requiring US intelligence release documents on COVID origins | Daily Mail Online

  31. UK's Top Police Force No Longer Trusted by the General Public - Report (

  32. DeSantis sees lowest level of support since December in new poll, trails Trump by 28 points | The Hill

  33. Macron Narrowly Survives Confidence Vote Despite Ongoing Protests (

  34. Teachers union shuts down Los Angeles schools over labor dispute | The Post Millennial |

  35. Biden shredded after issuing first veto of his presidency to protect ESG: 'Such a liar' | Fox News

  36. South Korea to restore Japan’s trade status to improve ties | The Hill

  37. Xi Jinping invites 'dear friend' Putin to visit China (

  38. Russia, North Korea viewed least favorably in US: Gallup | The Hill

  39. Dmitry Medvedev makes missile threat against The Hague (

  40. Idaho bill that would allow execution by firing squad goes to the governor | Fox News

  41. Washington high school football coach fired for prayer wins $1.7M settlement, will get job back (

  42. Michigan to pay $600 million to settle Flint water crisis lawsuits | Just The News

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