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TWS News Roundup 3/23/23

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  1. Blinken says 'several Americans' remain detained by Taliban in Afghanistan | Fox News

  2. Iowa signs ban on gender transition surgery for minors, says it's 'in the best interest of the kids' | Fox News

  3. Canada and U.S. reach deal to close Roxham Road: sources - Rebel News

  4. "They are Absolutely Terrified" - Kari Lake Releases Statement On NEW AZ Supreme Court Ruling, Forcing Trial Court to Look at Signature Verification Fraud | The Gateway Pundit

  5. Antifa Activist Shoots, Critically Wounds Seattle Police Detective (

  6. British parliament blocks TikTok over security concerns | Reuters

  7. Biden administration to require more efficient window air conditioners, air cleaners | The Hill

  8. Trump Lawyer Says Manhattan DA Bragg Should Be Investigated, Ethics Complaint Filed | NTD

  9. TikTok CEO admits to congress that parent company ByteDance accesses user data | The Post Millennial |

  10. Legalized assisted suicide push alarms disability advocates (

  11. Kyrsten Sinema Reveals Why She Stopped Going To ‘Dumb’ Democrat Luncheons | The Daily Wire

  12. Trudeau Government Still Advertising on China's Tik Tok Despite Ban (

  13. Trump, Pence lawyers go before judge in dispute with DOJ over testimony (

  14. Just Quarter of NATO Members Met Minimum Military Spend Levels in '22 (

  15. Jeffries waves aside plan to raise debt limit with House discharge petition | The Hill

  16. Ford warns of $3B loss on electric vehicle business for 2023 (

  17. Rep tells TikTok CEO that lying to Congress is federal crime during Tiananmen Square discussion | The Hill

  18. Explosion erupts at Texas chemical plant in suburban Houston, one person injured | Fox News

  19. Senate panel calls on Silicon Valley and Signature banks' ex-CEOs to testify (

  20. Russia's Medvedev says any attempt to arrest Putin after ICC warrant would be a 'declaration of war' | Fox News

  21. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg tells tales of growing up in dangerous Harlem to justify police reforms | Daily Mail Online

  22. Graham praises DeSantis for labeling Putin ‘a war criminal’ | The Hill

  23. Silicon Valley Bank’s UK arm sees sharp inflows after £1 HSBC rescue | Business News | Sky News

  24. Agave farmers warn of potential tequila shortage as demand soars amid supply chain shortages | Fox News

  25. CNN's Anderson Cooper to host new Sunday night show (

  26. US Congress Introduces Bill Proposing Bitcoin Mining's Aid to Energy Goals and Economic Growth (

  27. NY grand jury not expected to consider Trump case Thursday, source says | Fox News

  28. DeSantis urges action on China and TikTok, 'critical interest' (

  29. Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Chip Roy To Introduce Legislation To Eliminate Fauci’s NIAID | The Daily Caller

  30. Former Connecticut city employee sentenced to over a year in prison for role in COVID-19 fund theft | Fox News

  31. Short seller Hindenburg accuses Jack Dorsey's Block of 'facilitating fraud' (

  32. Biden approval rating nears lowest point of presidency: survey | The Hill

  33. China says it would 'firmly oppose' forced TikTok sale (

  34. EU Told Dutch Govt to Double Down on Great Reset Forced Farm Buyouts (

  35. School choice is moving forward in Texas as Gov. Abbott throws in support | Fox News

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