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TWS News Roundup 3/29/23

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  1. Garland refuses to examine civil rights claims of Jan. 6 defendants: ‘I don’t know anything’ | Fox News

  2. Feds Offer Big Reward In Manhunt For Top Aide To Ex-GOP Governor | The Daily Wire

  3. AZ Gov. Hobbs' press secretary resigns after tweet suggesting gun violence against 'transphobes' | Fox News

  4. Manhattan grand jury in Trump hush money case to break for a month: reports | Just The News

  5. PBS reporter Jane Ferguson 'violently assaulted' on New York City subway: 'Ear ringing and face on fire' | Fox News

  6. Merrick Garland Refuses to Investigate Nashville Shooting as Hate Crime › American Greatness (

  7. Ted Cruz slams Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas: 'Your behavior is disgraceful' | Just The News

  8. Tennessee governor says friends killed at Nashville school, but ‘not a time for hate or rage’ | The Hill

  9. Attorneys general push Congress for 'right-to-repair' legislation | Just The News

  10. Rumble Will Provide a 100% Creator Revenue Share for Subscription Badges Till The End of 2023 | Rumble

  11. Zelensky invites China’s Xi to visit Ukraine | The Hill

  12. Tennessee GOP Rep Calls For National Religious Revival After Nashville Shooting | The Daily Wire

  13. China vows retaliation if Kevin McCarthy meets Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (

  14. Twitter restricts Greene’s congressional account over ‘vengeance’ post | The Hill

  15. Enes Kanter Freedom torches TikTok, says app un-banned him during congressional grilling | Fox News

  16. Adidas retracts opposition to Black Lives Matter's three-stripe design (

  17. King Charles III makes world debut as tour starts in Germany | AP News

  18. Michael Knowles Suspended From Twitter After Posting Bible Verse In Response To Nashville School Shooting | The Daily Wire

  19. Republican congressman calls D.C. schools 'inmate factories' at oversight hearing (

  20. John Fetterman to return to Senate two months after treatment for depression (

  21. Gender self-ID for children as young as 12 passed into law by British Columbia | The Post Millennial |

  22. Garland says he’s ‘more than willing’ to testify at House Judiciary Committee | Fox News

  23. Elon Musk and other tech innovators call for pause on AI experimentation | Just The News

  24. Biden declines to veto GOP-led measure to end COVID-19 emergency | The Hill

  25. Matt Walsh cancels university speech after Nashville shooting, cites threats | Just The News

  26. $1 billion-plus riot damage is most expensive in insurance history (

  27. Kentucky BANS child sex changes, overrides governor's veto | The Post Millennial |

  28. Damar Hamlin visits Capitol Hill to urge Congress to introduce more defibrillators in schools | Daily Mail Online

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