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TWS News Roundup 3/30/23

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

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  1. President Trump INDICTED by NYC grand jury | The Post Millennial | thepostmillennial.com9 soldiers killed in Army helicopter training crash in Kentucky (

  2. DOD launches website to accompany ‘Hack the Pentagon’ program | The Hill

  3. Biden admin accused of 'intimidation' after IRS visits reporter's home: Odds of this were 'one in 10 million' | Fox News

  4. DNA pulled from half-eaten burrito used to charge man with firebombing anti-abortion office in Wisconsin - CBS News

  5. Crypto Giant Binance Accused of Concealing Ties to China (

  6. JD Vance bill would make English the official language of the United States | Fox News

  7. New FBI docs: Las Vegas mass shooter was angry at casinos | AP News

  8. AOC tells off 'Libs of TikTok' creator Chaya Raichik (

  9. McCarthy backs Netanyahu as Biden admin knocks Israeli reform plans | Just The News

  10. Report: Cost of California Reparations Rises to $800 Billion, 2.5 X State Budget (

  11. Manchin threatens to sue Biden administration if electric vehicle credit guidance ‘goes off the rails’ | The Hill

  12. Elián González, once center of US-Cuba custody battle, now government official: reports | Fox News

  13. China and Brazil agree to ditch US dollar for trade | The Post Millennial |

  14. Fiery train derailment in Minnesota prompts evacuations (

  15. WATCH: O'Keefe's OMG uncovers suspicious political donations | The Post Millennial |

  16. CNN primetime ratings down 61% in March: Nielsen data (

  17. Biden says transgender people 'shape our nation's soul' in official proclamation | Fox News

  18. Protesters Storm Tennessee Capitol Demanding Gun Control | The Daily Wire

  19. National Archives admits over 1,100 Biden records pages at Penn office, lacks custody of others | Just The News

  20. Judge strikes down Obamacare provisions requiring insurers cover some preventive care services (

  21. Bed Bath & Beyond shares tank after another bankruptcy warning (

  22. House passes GOP-led energy package touted as party’s top priority | The Hill

  23. Top Biden adviser Anita Dunn slammed for encouraging Dem operatives to use TikTok to promote SOTU speech | Fox News

  24. Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter accused of espionage | The Hill

  25. Arizona considers bill to fine social media firms up to $250,000 per day for banning candidates | Just The News

  26. Chinese illegal immigrants are crossing into US in unprecedented numbers | Fox News

  27. Jacob Chansley RELEASED from prison after being sentenced to 41 months on Jan 6 charges | The Post Millennial |

  28. Gun-toting Texas granny shoots dead an armed robber who tried to hold up her food truck | Daily Mail Online

  29. Roku to slash 200 jobs, amounting to 6% of workforce - ABC News (

  30. EU Bans New Gas Powered Cars, But Germany Carves Out Exemption (

  31. Top US Counties See Immigration Rates Triple |

  32. Majority of voters say they're willing to stop buying products from China to counter CCP, poll | Just The News

  33. Mexico migrant center fire deaths investigated as homicides; arrest warrants imminent: officials | Fox News

  34. FDIC may make big banks pay to plug $23 billion hole (

  35. Transgender Shooter's Manifesto Will Be Released Publicly | ZeroHedge

  36. Trump expands lead in GOP presidential primary race: survey | The Hill

  37. Madison Man Charged with Firebombing Building | USAO-WDWI | Department of Justice

  38. Want To Help Disabled Tajikistanis Fight Climate Change? Biden Could Pay You $1 Million for Your Advice. (

  39. Sen. Rubio: 'Woke activists' are 'undermining military readiness, cohesion, and purpose' | Just The News

  40. General Mark Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on Military Bases During HASC Exchange with Congressman Matt Gaetz | Congressman Matt Gaetz (

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