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TWS News Roundup 3/9/23

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  1. Twitter Files detail the 'Censorship-Industrial Complex,' revealing an 'incestuous self-appointed truth squad' made up of media, government, and NGOs | The Post Millennial |

  2. Ex-Trump official launches PAC urging Gov. DeSantis to run for president: 'Strongest Republican available' | Fox News

  3. Alex Murdaugh's attorneys file notice of appeal in double murder case - ABC News (

  4. LA Times blames ‘white drivers’ for polluting the air breathed by ‘people of color’ | Human Events |

  5. New York sues KuCoin, expands cryptocurrency crackdown | Reuters

  6. Majority of House lawmakers call for new Iran policy in response to ongoing protests | Just The News

  7. Democrats try to force Matt Taibbi to reveal sources for Twitter Files—he refuses | The Post Millennial |

  8. Zach Nunn Introduces Bill to End Automatic Pay Raises for Congress (

  9. Jobless claims surpass 200,000 to 5-month high (

  10. Norfolk Southern CEO declines to commit to pay long-term health costs after train derailment | The Hill

  11. WhatsApp: Rather be blocked in UK than weaken security - BBC News

  12. Russia launches major missile attack that impacts nuclear plant – One America News Network (

  13. Federal judge rules Biden’s border parole policy illegal | The Hill

  14. GOP Rep. LaHood says his name was improperly searched by the FBI under FISA during hearing with Director Wray | Fox News

  15. AFL Sues DHS, Obtains Astounding Data: Barely One-Tenth of One Percent Of Illegal Minors DHS Let Into the United States Were Later Deported - America First Legal (

  16. Twitter Files: State entities flagged "anti-Ukraine narratives" for censorship (

  17. Taiwan suspects Chinese ships cut islands’ internet cables - ABC News (

  18. GM offers buyouts to most US salaried workers to trim costs | AP News

  19. Former NBA all-star Shawn Kemp arrested in connection to Tacoma drive-by shooting | The Post Millennial |

  20. Former North Carolina congressional candidate pleads guilty to campaign finance violation | Fox News

  21. Watch: McCarthy Vows Full Public Release of Capitol's January 6 Surveillance Tapes (

  22. Skiff launches new interface for publishing docs, wikis, and pages (

  23. Rogan Livid That QAnon Shaman Going To Jail For A ‘Tour’ | The Daily Caller

  24. Russia's Huge 'Retaliation' Strikes Include Hypersonic Missiles As NATO Sees Bakhmut Falling "In Coming Days" | ZeroHedge

  25. Liberal group fails to get Jenna Ellis disbarred, woke judge files censure statement anyway | The Post Millennial |

  26. Senate Dems overwhelmingly vote with GOP to overturn controversial DC crime law | Fox News

  27. China reportedly stole US military technology for its J-20 fighter (

  28. Cori Bush's Bodyguard Says He Can't Be Anti-Semitic Because He's a Jewish High Priest (

  29. Comedian Alex Stein sues Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez for blocking him on Twitter (

  30. Mitch McConnell hospitalized after fall at Waldorf Astoria hotel (

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