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TWS News Roundup 4/13/22

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  1. NYC subway shooting suspect faces federal terrorism charge | The Hill

  2. Brazil poll shows Bolsonaro halving Lula lead in a month | Reuters

  3. Biden announces $800M in Ukraine aid, including artillery, helicopters | The Hill

  4. Leaders of Poland, Baltic states visit Kyiv as Biden stays at home (

  5. California attorney accuses Newsom of meddling in Activision Blizzard suit: report | The Hill

  6. U.S. sets up new Mideast naval task force amid strained Gulf ties | Reuters

  7. The Daily Beast retracts false allegation about Jack Posobiec Disney tweet | The Post Millennial

  8. JPMorgan profits drop 42%, bank writes down Russian assets - ABC News (

  9. India allows duty-free imports of cotton until Sept to cool prices | Reuters

  10. Georgia governor signs permitless handgun carry bill into law | The Hill

  11. Migrants arrive in D.C. on buses sent by GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (

  12. Mark Meadows removed from North Carolina voter rolls | The Hill

  13. Remarks by Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen on Way Forward for the Global Economy | U.S. Department of the Treasury

  14. Judge allows Durham to move forward with Sussmann prosecution | The Hill

  15. Jussie Smollett Releases New Song Maintaining His Innocence |

  16. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen says NATO should become greater ALLIES with Russia | Daily Mail Online

  17. Wall Street jumps in growth stocks rally; earnings season commences | Reuters

  18. Southwest Airlines pilots report sharp rise in fatigue | The Hill

  19. Putin 'arrests man who invented Putinism' in purge of 150 spy chiefs as he turns on his inner circle | Daily Mail Online

  20. Benetton, Blackstone put finishing touches to bid valuing Atlantia at $50 bln | Reuters

  21. Boston to boost police presence at subways after Brooklyn shooting (

  22. Shanghai releases more from virus observation amid lockdown | The Hill

  23. 20 Federal 'Assets' Embedded At Capitol On Jan. 6, Court Filing Says | ZeroHedge

  24. Men accused of compromising Secret Service agents granted bail (

  25. NYC Mayor Wants 'National Response' to Gun Violence After Brooklyn Shooting |

  26. Study finds large pay gap for women, journalists of color at Washington Post | The Hill

  27. Psaki slams Gov. Abbott over truck inspections at Texas-Mexico border, blames him for price increases | Fox News

  28. First bus of illegal immigrants offloads in Washington DC, apparently transported by a carrier operating illegally | CITIZEN STRINGER

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