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TWS News Roundup 4/14/24

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  1. Iranian general whose assassination triggered weekend attack on Israel helped plan Oct. 7: report (

  2. Biden convenes G7 emergency summit as Israel debates response to blistering Iran drone attack (

  3. RFK Jr. rules out Libertarian presidential run (

  4. House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will push for aid to Israel and Ukraine this week (

  5. Lawmakers of color propose more school funding to diversify mental health field - ABC News (

  6. Disney cracks down on visitors who lie about disabilities for park perks (

  7. Cyprus Suspends Syrian Asylum Applications Amid Surge in Boat Migrants (

  8. Scotland police inundated with reports after ‘hate speech’ law enacted | Human Events |

  9. Fox News Hit With Lawsuit After Falsely Identifying Man As Mass Shooter | The Daily Caller

  10. German Chancellor Pushes for Closer Economic Ties in Visit to China (

  11. Ted Cruz argues that Senate has constitutional obligation to hold impeachment trial of Mayorkas | Just The News

  12. Teenagers detained for planning ISIS attack targeting Christians, police in Germany: report | Human Events |

  13. US disputes Iran intended to give forewarning on attacking Israel | The Hill

  14. Roku announces 576,000 accounts compromised in security breach (

  15. SCOTUS decides case of Calif. homeowner charged $23,000 to build on his own land (

  16. DC National Guard whistleblowers to tell Congress they were ready to go on J6 after Trump authorized their deployment, but Pentagon held them back | The Post Millennial |

  17. Small business optimism at lowest point since 2012: Survey | The Hill

  18. Sadiq Khan is blasted for spending millions to hire pen-pushers while crime in London soars | Daily Mail Online

  19. Jewish students say Columbia University must address antisemitism ahead of DC hearing (

  20. Judge Upholds Georgia's Voter Citizenship Verification Requirements | ZeroHedge

  21. U.S. Steel shareholders approve $14.9 billion buyout by Nippon Steel (

  22. Kentucky GOP Strips Dem Governor of Senate Appointment Powers Amid McConnell Speculation – RedState

  23. News organizations urge Biden and Trump to commit to presidential debates during the 2024 campaign (

  24. Chaos in California: Migrant Boat Landings Surge Along the Coast – HotAir

  25. Trump Says He'll Testify in Upcoming Criminal Trial | The Epoch Times

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